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Saturday, December 16, 2017


Well, this week takes us up to the half way point in the year-end countdown.

40. PSYCHO CIRCUS (MILL CREEK) BLU-RAY...A triple header of great horror films from Mill Creek. THE CREEPING FLESH, TORTURE GARDEN and BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN. A great way to spend a rainy day. The films all look great.

39. CATHY'S CURSE 1977 (SEVERIN) BLU-RAY...This weird tale about a possessed little girl was a very welcome release and one of my most read reviews. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with this gem!

38. ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. 1966 (KINO) BLU-RAY...Hammer classic starring Raquel Welch as the sexiest cave woman in history. Oh yeah, the Ray Harryhausen dinosaurs are great too.

37. CHALLENGE THE DEVIL 1963 (SINISTER CINEMA)...Rare horror film starring Christopher Lee as a mysterious old man whose castle is invaded by a group of young people who get one heck of a surprise. Good atmosphere.

36. LOVE LETTERS OF A PORTUGUESE NUN 1977 (FULL MOON)...Bizarre tale about a young woman being kept in a monastery by a couple of sadists. Yes this IS another Jess Franco classic full of his special touches. Susan Hemingway is simply gorgeous, and I was happy to see an uncut version of this finally get released on DVD.

35. ONE MILLION B.C. 1940 (VCI) BLU-RAY...The original film starring Carol Landis as a beautiful cave woman in prehistoric times. remade by Hammer in 1966 with Raquel Welch which is a number 38. Victor mature also stars along with Lon Chaney, Jr. the print is flawless.

34. STAR SLAMMER 1986 (KINO)...This is available on Blu-ray but I ordered the wrong one, but who cares. Fred Olen directed this sci-fi film which mixes women in prison with spaceships. One of my favorites from Fred.

33. INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS 1973 (SHOUT FACTORY) BLU-RAY...Great exploitation horror film starring William Smith as a government investigator looking in to the many deaths in a small town from sexual fatigue. The ultra sexy Anitra Ford and Victoris Vetri also star.

32. PAUL NASCHY COLLECTION (SHOUT FACTORY) BLU-RAY...Spanish horror legend Naschy stars in 5 classic thrillers. The prints are all beautiful and well worth seeking out. VENGEANCE OF THE ZOMBIES 1973, HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB 1973, BLUE EYES OF THE BROKEN DOLL 1974, NIGHT OF THE WEREWOLF 1981, and HUMAN BEASTS 1980. No Spanish horror fan should be without this set.

31. HORROR EXPRESS 1972 (SINISTER CINEMA).. A simply beautiful widescreen print of this classic about an alien life form who causes terror and death on the Trans Siberian Express. Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Telly Savalas star.

That wraps up part three. Coming next Saturday, part 4.


Benny Andersson is 71, and Sid Eudy is 57.

Friday, December 15, 2017


I really like this classic black action film.

The very sexy Lola Falana stars as Cocoa, a young woman who has decided to testify against her gangster boyfriend, and after spending a year and a half in jail for contempt is offered one night out in exchange for her testimony.

She is escorted to a Hotel near Carson City called the King's Castle. Once there she turns extremely bitchy and starts demanding everything from fine clothes to fine food. Unknown to her and her police escort, Doug (Gene Washington) there are two hired killers constantly watching her and waiting for a perfect chance to kill her.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this fun little film from director Matt Cimber. Falana does a very good job at playing the hard edged woman who finally realizes all is not what it seems, and the world does not exist for her and her alone.

The rest of the cast includes Alex Dreier, "Mean" Joe Green, Millie Perkins (who has an unforgettable performance) and George "Buck" Flower.

The print from Vinegar Syndrome is a little beat up and has some scratches, but this is how these kinds of movies were meant to be seen. Pefection be damned. I highly recommend this film.


Helen Slater is 54, Heidi Bohay is 58, and Lorena Velazquez is 80.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


I believe this is also known as IRON CLAW, THE PIRATE.

I am a HUGE fan of Turkish cinema and this rare gem is perfection in my world.

The film opens with a woman belly dancing and a band that looks like a 70's pop band. The action starts almost immediately as we are introduced to Fantomas, a masked criminal wanting to take over the world. then we are introduced to Iron Claw, a motorcycle riding avenger who is trying to save his country and the world.

Much in the style of 40's serial adventure films, we are treated to non stop gunfights, fisticuffs, car chases and much more. Fantomas has an army of henchmen working for him and they spend a lot of time kidnapping important people and fighting the legions of Iron Claw.

I'm telling you, this is non stop fun. The fast moving story keeps you watching as well as the unbelievable things that happen. There is plenty of belly dancing and beautiful women to keep the male viewers interested.

The movie probably resemble a 40's movie serial because the director, Cetin Inanc loved comic books and American serials. He is also the genius that brought us the 1982 gem "The Man Who Saves The World aka The Turkish Star Wars.

This is a not to be missed film that is very rare and just waiting for rediscovery. The print is subtitled in English and a better time cannot be had with a movie. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


Dee Wallace is 69, Ginger Lynn is 55, Janette Scott is 79, and Alan Ormsby is 74.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Actress of several notable Hammer horror films has passed away.

Suzanna Leigh lost her fight with liver cancer on Dec. 11th. Leigh starred in "The Deadly Bees", "Lust For A Vampire" and my personal favorite "The Lost Continent".

One of her personal favorite roles was in the 1966 Elvis film "Paradise Hawaiian Style". She was always a very sexy presence in any film she appeared in.

Leigh had been fighting the liver cancer for a number of years and succumbed to it a few days ago at the age of 72. She will be missed by the legions of Hammer horror film fans, but her work will always be remembered.


Lynn-Holly Johnson is 59.

Monday, December 11, 2017


I have been trying to see this film for years, but have never had the chance.

This is a made in Argentina vampire movie that really is bizarre.

The story opens as a young woman is forced to make a painful decision. her parents want her to marry a certain man while she loves another. Ofelia (Susana Beltran) would rather marry her lover Gustavo (Walter Kliche), but he refuses to meet her parents for "reasons" and she is forced to marry Eduaurdo instead.

On their wedding night they are interrupted by Gustavo who is actually a vampire. He kills Eduaurdo and turns Ofelia into his living dead bride.

Flash ahead to the 1960's and a group of young people experience car trouble and decide to stay at an abandoned castle. They find a mysterious servant there who has a dinner prepared for them and tells the guests that the castle is empty. The three women in the group disappear and the men, including Tito (Ricardo Bauleo) try to discover what is happening.

In the meantime Ofelia is trying to decide if she should try and end her undead life. This film has some really bizarre moments in it and scene you won't soon forget. The print is beautiful with dark colors and it is subtitled in English. It's always nice to see these films from other countries and their take on vampire lore.


Donna Mills is 77, Lynda Day George is 73, and Rey Mysterio is 43.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


An excellent and underrated film.

Thom Eberhardt directed this overlooked gem and it has arrived on Blu-ray from Code red.

Anita Skimmer stars as a young woman named Denise Watson who is the only survivor of a plane crash. After a short stay in the hospital and trying to shake the feeling she is being followed, Denise continues with her career as a TV commercial producer.

She slowly develops a relationship with her doctor, Brian Richardson (Kurt Johnson) and he tries to convine her that she is only suffering from "survivor guilt". Denise keeps seeing dead bodies watching her and following her and even trying to kill her.

Things get worse and soon everyone that is trying to help her begins dying as well, and then Denise starts seeing them up and walking around. Why do these corpses want her dead? Is she going crazy?

This film was not seen much upon it's initial release as it faded into obscurity because of the slasher craze in the movie industry. This will indeed remind viewers of "Carnival Of Souls". I am glad this is coming back out to DVD and Blu-ray because I think it's still a somewhat undiscovered masterpiece that more people need to see.

Director Eberhardt was also responsible for the great "Night Of The Comet". This is a highly recommended film in my opinion. If you get the chance to snag the Blu-ray, do so.


Susan Dey is 65, and Tommy Kirk is 76.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


My favorite Amando De Ossorio film is coming to Blu-ray thanks to Shout Factory.

FANGS OF THE LIVING DEAD starring Anita Ekberg, Diana Lorys and John Hamilton has been confirmed for a release date of March 6th.


Welcome to the second part of the Top 60 of 2017. I got a few unpublished comments about last weeks list and why I chose certain titles over others.

Interesting questions all. I choose titles based purely on a personal like or dislike basis. I am always interested in hearing about what people would have chosen as the best DVD and Blu-ray releases of the year, so if you would like to contact me, please do.

Now, on to the countdown...

50. THE DISMEMBERED 1962 (GARAGEHOUSE) Blu-ray... A bizarre film unreleased for 55 years!! A horror comedy that really needs to be seen and finally Garagehouse rescued it from oblivion.

49. VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST 1974 (FILMCHEST) Blu-ray...I have always liked this off beat and bizarre film and was shocked to see it finally being released on Blu-ray, but I knew I had to have it. A living dead mummy terrorizes passengers on a cruise ship!

48. DR. FRANKENSTEIN ON CAMPUS 1970 (SINISTER CINEMA)...Very bizarre film about Dr. Frankenstein attending college. it has some interesting plot twists, and twist ending. A very entertaining movie and I was so happy Sinister turned this out. print quality isn't bad at all.

47. DEMON SEED 1977 (WARNER ARCHIVE) Blu-ray...Fritz Weaver and Julie Christie star in this chiller about a woman impregnated by a super computer. A truly bizarre effort and a very welcome Blu-ray release.

46. THE DEVIL WITHIN HER 1975 (SCORPION) Blu-ray...Gorgeous Joan Collins stars as a woman who gives birth to a baby possessed by evil. Ultra sexy Caroline Munro also stars. This Blu-ray is hosted by luscious Katarina Leigh Waters. SEE IT!!

45. THE INTRUDER 1975 (GARAGEHOUSE) Blu-ray...Garagehouse strikes again with another lost film from 1975!! Eleven people gather on an island for what they think is an inheritance and end up getting killed one by one. I love when rare films like this finally see the light of day after spending many years in a damn warehouse.

44. MOLE MEN VS. THE SON OF HERCULES 1961 (SINISTER CINEMA)...Sinister brought this, one of my favorite sword and sandal films to DVD finally in an UNCUT and widescreen version!! Print quality is excellent. In Italian with subtitles. A twisted little film about a race of underground beings trying to conquer the surface.

43. A*P*E* 1976 (KINO) Blu-ray...Unbelievably bad giant ape film from Korea, but that does not mean it isn't entertaining. Another shocking release from Kino. It also has the 3D version but one must have a special TV for that which I don't. Do I care? Nope, the film is one of a kind and very dear to my heart.

42. BEN 1972 (SHOUT FACTORY) Blu-ray...It took way too many years for this film to reach the home entertainment platform, but finally Shout brought us a beautiful Blu-ray. This is the sequel to "WILLARD" which also came out this year from Shout, and will be in the countdown a little later.

41. WARLOCK MOON 1973 (CODE RED) BLU-ray...One of my guilty pleasures! two young people stumble upon an abandoned spa and that is when the terror begins. Odd little film with a double twist ending.

Well, that ends week number two of our six week countdown. Again, questions and comments are welcome and thanks for reading.


Kirk Douglas is 101, and Kurt Angle is 48.