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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Great little film noir.

Broderick Crawford is Damico, a police detective that is outwitted by a gangster named Blackie Clay, and is suspended from duty.

This is all a ruse to have him go undercover as a longshoreman in order to find Clay and expose the waterfront rackets. Damico makes a big stir on the waterfront, so much so that he is taken to meet the head man in a very short time.

The top man is Joe Castro, played by Ernest Borgnine and his top henchman is Gunner played by Neville Brand in a performance I will never forget. Damico works his way in, but finds he may buy the farm at any moment as nobody appears to be what they seem in this film. His only friend seems to be a man named Thomas Clancy, played by Richard Kiley.

If you love movies in general seek this one out and watch it.


Melody Patterson is 65, and George "The Animal" Steele is 77.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Interesting giallo.

A lawyer picks up a woman and takes her back to his uncle's place only to find a gunman waiting for them. Soon another killer turns up disguised as a policeman.

The two terrorize the couple and it soon becomes apparent that they are going to kill a Judge and then the couple themselves in a bizarre revenge plot.

The lawyer is played by Gianni Garko and the woman is Giovanna Ralli, and she is very easy on the eyes. The Judge is played by Fernando Rey whom I last saw in "Face Of Terror".

Frank Wolff is the cop who is actually another one of the killers who wants the Judge dead. His performance is the best. This is a slow moving giallo and therefore most folks won't like it if you prefer a lot of action. Director Enzo Castellari does a good job building the story.

I didn't mind it too bad at all, and the ending is somewhat of a downbeat one. If you have an inkling, check it out.


Claudia Cardinale is 76, Lois Chiles is 67, and Samantha Fox is 48.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Simply one of the best shows ever produced for TV.

Ed O' Neill stars as Al Bundy, a shoe salesman in Chicago with a wife named Peg (Katey Sagal) who is under sexed and lazy, a son named Bud (David Faustino) who has problems with women and a promiscuous daughter (Christina Applegate) with one brain cell named Kelly.

There are far too many episodes to go into detail on, but over the years there were a lot of guests including Tim Conway, Linda Blair, Pamela Anderson and Vanna White, just to name a few. The Bundy's also had neighbors Marcy and Steve Rhodes (Amanda Bearse and David Garrison) and later Marcy and Jefferson Darcy (Amanda Bearse and Ted McGinley).

The funniest episode in all 11 years was the one where Vanna White played an executive whom Al had know in high school, and she still wanted him as her sex toy. I can honestly say I have never laughed so hard in my life.

TV today is a quagmire of American trash parading across the screen who are both ugly and have absolutely NO talent whatsoever. This show is from the latter days when TV still had a few things entertaining to watch. If you want good laughs I think you should watch all 11 seasons and forget your problems for a while.

I used to actually live this life and most of what happens in the show is dead on target.


Sarah Michelle Gellar is 37, and Amy Dumas is 38.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


This is the 60th Anniversary of one of the greatest rock songs ever recorded.

This week in 1954 Bill Haley & The Comets released "Rock Around The Clock" and it was originally a "B" side that got very little, if any play.

It became very famous when it was featured in the film "Blackboard Jungle". Happy Anniversary to the greatest rock 'n roll song ever made. The one that had an entire genre named for it.


A great sci-fi western.

James Franciscus stars as a cowboy named Tuck who discovers his former and current lover T.J. Breckinridge, played by the gorgeous Gila Golan has a rare and very small horse in captivity. After some gypsies steal it and attempt to return it to the "Forbidden Valley". Tuck and T.J., along with several other give chase.

The group, along with a professor and a small child discover the Forbidden Valley is a place where dinosaurs still live. They decide to capture a Tyrannosaurus Rex and put it on display in a circus.

They manage to bring the monster back alive and it escapes, thanks again to the gypsies and destroys most of a small town before being trapped in a massive church and being burned to death.

The special effects by Ray Harryhausen are some of his best work, especially when the cowboys are lassoing Gwangi. I love both westerns and monster movies, and this is the perfect combination of both. If you get a chance watch this film, you won;t be disappointed.

The rest of the cast incluedes Richard Carlson, Laurence Naismith, Freda Jackson and Gustavo Rojo.


Lyle Waggoner is 79, and Joyce Meadows is 81.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Re-visiting one of my favorite films.

Amando De Ossorio directed this very interesting tale about a strange cult that lives in the jungle and sacrifices women by whipping them and then beheading them. This changes them into sexy vampire women who wear leopard skin bikinis and search for other victims.

Yes, the premise is outrageous, but it works very well. The movie opens with the tribe being wiped out by a group of soldiers in 1910 then flashes to the present of 1973 where a group of people have come to make a documentary about wildlife in the jungle.

Mysterious drums at night peak the curiosity of one of the very sexy women in the group and she soon falls victim to the evil cult and is changed into a vampire herself. Then a new reign of terror starts.

This film is one of the most over the top films I have ever seen. There are no unattractive women here, as is the usually case with 70's Spanish horror. The scenes of the women running in slow motion thru the jungle in pursuit of victims is very memorable. My history with this film is very odd in and of itself. When I first saw the film it was on a bootleg that you could hardly see, then I bought this version from Deimos, which I lost in a move I made, then I got another version that was an edited TV version which there is really no point in watching. I looked for this film on the internet and it was going for outrageous prices as it was an OOP disc. Then a few weeks ago I was in a Hastings store in Boise and found it for $1.99. Ahh yes, good things come to those who wait.

The cast includes Jack Taylor, Maria Kosty, Kali Hansa, Loreta Tovar, and Barbara Rey.

I cannot recommend this film enough. It has everything a Spanish horror film should have, sex, blood, moody photography, sexy babes and more sexy babes. See it if you can find it.


Ed O' Neill is 68, David Cassidy is 64, and Claudia Jordan is 41.

Friday, April 11, 2014


An all time western classic.

Sam Peckinpah brings us the western that changed the way cinema portrayed violence. For it's time, it was considered to be one of the most violent films of all time.

The story concerns a aging group of outlaws who want one more big score before retiring. The traditional old west is disappearing and a new world is coming and they are very out of place in the US so they head to Mexico. William Holden is Pike Bishop, the leader of this ragtag bunch.

The movie opens with a violent shootout in which many are killed and much to the gangs surprise all the money bags contain silver washers. This is how Peckinpah introduces us to the Wild Bunch. The film works on every single level from showing us their humanity and caring for one another, to showing how violent they can be.

I know exactly how these guys in the film feel about times changing as I feel the same. Bishop and the rest of the gang know they are relics of a time gone by and there is nothing they can do to stop it. The battle the final four have against a small band of Mexican bandits in order to get one of their own back is something to behold. It proves their loyalty to one another.

The rest of the wonderful cast includes Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan (as the former member heading a posse that is after the gang), Edmond O' Brien, Warren Oates, Jamie Sanchez, Ben Johnson, L. Q. Jones, Strother Martin, Albert Dekker, Dub Taylor and Bo Hopkins.

Do yourself a favor and see this film, if you haven't already. Get the two disc set that also includes a documentary on the career of Sam Peckinpah which originally aired on The Westerns Channel. Sam taught me a lot and I will never forget it.


Harley Race is 71.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


One of my favorite sci-fi films.

Many years ago I saw a write up with some very cool pictures in Famous Monsters magazine and was dying to see this film. I didn't get a chance to see it until it aired on AMC many years ago and now Sinister Cinema has turned out a beautiful widescreen print.

Bryant Haliday is a scientist who has created a device that can transmit items from one area to the other by using a laser beam. His experiment goes well and he is ready to have a major demonstration so his backers will give him more money to work with. The experiment is sabotaged and he fails to impress the bosses.

Very angry he discovers that certain wires have been burned with acid and he decides to try the experiment again, but this time on himself. The result is a hideous deformed monster whose touch kills by electric shock. Haliday then seeks out those who ruined his experiment.

I like the makeup effects for the deformed Halliday as it is quite effective. I have read so many bad reviews of this film from all of the MST3K idiots out there and my best advice is to ignore them all as they have no idea about which they speak. The film isn't perfect, but it is very entertaining and it is a prefect monster movie for a Saturday night.

The rest of the cast includes Mary Peach, Norman Woodland, Derek Farr, Derrick DeMarney and the lovely Tracy Crisp. Recommended!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Another friend is gone.

James Hellwig, known as The Ultimate Warrior in the world of pro wrestling has passed away at the age of 54. He collapsed on the way to his car with his wife at an Arizona hotel.

Hellwig was very controversial an that is what made him so unforgettable. He defeated Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania in 1993 and later changed his name legally to Ultimate Warrior. He wrestled in WCW for a very brief time and then returned to the WWE in 2008.

His passing comes a little over 24 hours after he appeared on Monday Night Raw and he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame just this past Sunday. What a shock. James was a bit different, but he was still a friend, husband and father. Damn, life sucks sometimes.

RIP James.