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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Another fine Universal thriller.

John Carradine stars as Yousef Bey, a high priest that travels to America to recover the bodies of Princess Ananaka and her guardian, Kharis the living mummy.

He finds that the spirit of Ananka has moved into the body of a lovely young woman of Egyptian descent. The mummy is sent on a killing spree to get the young woman and the priest finds himself falling in love with her.

What really makes this a bit different is that the ending is totally downbeat, and the hero looses the love of his life as she is dragged into the swamp by Kharis.

The cast inclues Lon Chaney as the mummy, Robert Lowery, Ramsay Ames and Barton MacLane.


Interesting concept from WWE.

Karen Gillan stars as a young woman who tries to prove her brother is innocent of a horrible murder. She wants to prove it was caused by a supernatural element that is in a strange mirror.

This is one of very few modern films that really holds my attention. The story is always flashing back to when the woman and her brother were children and what happened with the mirror then as compared to now.

Gillan is very believable as the woman who sets out to prove something while the forces of evil foil her at every attempt. Two scenes really stand out. One involves a light bulb and an apple an the other involves Gillan and a device she has created that she believes will destroy the mirror.

I won't give away the bizarre ending, but any horror fan that isn't too jilted should enjoy this film. There are plenty of good shocks an some very inventive story telling.

Friday, October 24, 2014


The first Mummy film to star Lon Chaney, Jr., and the first one I ever saw as a child.

Thirty years have passed since the first film and Steve Banning, again played by Dick Foran is telling his story about his encounter with Kharis, the living mummy to various family members and friends.

What he doesn't know is that another High priest is bringing Kharis to the US to finish the task of killing all who desecrated the tomb of Princess Ananka.

Foran and Wallace Beery both return and their characters are killed by Kharis. The High priest is played by Turhan Bey and he soon finds himself falling in love with Isobel Evans, the young wife to be of John banning, the son of Steve.

The Mummy continues his reign of terror as the police and townsfolk close in. This is easily my favorite of the series. It was my first introduction to the Mummy films.

The rest of the cast includes Elyse Knox as Isobel, John Hubbard, George Zucco, mary Gordon and Frank Reicher.


The first of four films not related to the original with Boris Karloff.

ick Foran and Wallace Ford are two archaeologists who, with the help of an out of work magician and his lovely daughter find the tomb of a long dead prince named Kharis.

Unbeknownst to them the mummy is still alive as they soon find out. An evil high priest, played by George Zucco controls Kharis with a formula made out of Tana Leaves. The mummy sets out to kill everyone who entered the tomb.

I really like these old Universal thrillers as they are what I grew up on. They are perfect for Halloween night viewing, or any rainy or snowy Saturday.The rest of the cast for this top notch effort include Peggy Moran, Cecil Kellaway and Tom Tyler as Kharis. The role would be taken over by Lon Chaney, Jr. in the subsequent films.

Of course I cannot recommend this and it's sequels enough.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


A rather obscure film I have talked about before on here.

June Lockhart stars as a young woman who fears that she is cursed with turning into a werewolf.

Jean Yarbrough directed this tight little film which runs little over an hour. It can be slow going at times, but it is a fun thriller because it's a Universal film...if that makes any sense.

The rest of the cast includes Dennis Hoey, Don Porter, and Martin Kosleck. Check it out.


Colleen Gray is 92.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Another one of my favorites....

John Agar leads a crew to the 7th planet, and they find more than they bargained for in this bizarre sci-fi film from Denmark.

The astronauts fin that the planet that is supposed to be frozen actually has the same exact atmosphere as the Earth, and even has women from their past living there!! It is discovered that an evil brain-like monster is creating this artificial world in order to take over the mens minds and eventually the earth.

The evil being makes some of the mens worst nightmares come true as well and we see these in the forms of giant spiders and a weird cyclops monster. This film is from the same people who brought out "Reptilicus" an they use some of the same cast.

I first saw this on a double bill with "The Wolfman" on KWGN TV from Denver many years ago and have been a fan of it ever since. If you haven't seen this, you should.

The rest of the cast includes Carl Ottosen, Greta Thyssen, and Ann Smyrner.


Catherine Deneuve is 71, and Suzanne Snyder is 52.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


You knew it would happen.

This is the sequel to the immensely popular first film. This time there is a Sharknado coming to New York andd oyr hero and his ex wife must fight to stop the Big Apple from being wiped out.

Ian Ziering and Tara Reid again star as Fin and April and there are so many cameos I cannot possibly name them all. This is another fun romp that you have to suspend all disbelief to watch. It also has one of the best openings I have ever seen in a film.

The story is basically the same as the first film, but only on the opposite coast. If you liked the first one you'll enjoy this as well. I know part 3 has been announced, but I have no details as of yet.

Some of the other cast members include Vivica A. Fox, Mark McGrath, Kari Wuhrer, Judd Hirsch and Kurt Angle. SEE IT.

Monday, October 20, 2014


A great and underrated film.

Henry Hull stars as a quiet and very laid back scientist who, while searching for a very rare flower in the Himalayan mountains is attacked and bitten by a strange creature.

The creature turns out to be a werewolf and this causes our hero some trouble upon his return to England. It also seems like the rare flower he was looking for in Tibet can also provide a temporary cure for the lycanthropy he has inherited.

Another scientist, Dr. Yogami also is seeking the plant and it turns out he was the original creature that attacked Hull in Tibet. Valerie Hobson is the very young wife of Hull and she damn near becomes his last victim.

This film, as I stated above is a very underrated film because the 1941 "Wolfman" film has far overshadowed it, but it is a great little horror film that should be seen by anyone who hasn't seen it. Hull does a good job of portraying the suffering ddoctor who really wants nothing but to serve mankind.


Scott Hall is 56.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


My personal favorite of all the Halloween films except for the original.

This is a great film, despite what everybody else says. Dan O' Herlihy is a man named Conel Cochran, a man who creates Halloween masks that have an dread secret.

The plan involves masks with a chip from Stonehenge that thru some ancient magic will destroy all of the children that wear them.

It is an ingenious plan that a doctor, played by Tom Atkins tries desperately to stop. Tommy Lee Wallace directed this film, that even though it made money was never really a box office success. I, however enjoyed it.

It was a unique idea, and when it was presented it showed that American movie audiences have a very limited thinking span when it comes to "Halloween" movies. It was different, and didn't involve Michael Myers so people stayed away from it.

This is a greal little film that is something people who like horror and sci-fi should watch.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


A well made classic from the golden years of horror cinema.

This is a direct sequel to "The Wolfman" and it stars Lon Chaney, Jr. as Larry Talbot who is brought back to life when two grave robbers attempt to steal a ring off of the finger of his corpse.

He then begins a reign of terror in a small town an finally makes his way to the castle of Dr. Frankenstein whom he believes can help him. All he finds is unwelcoming people and the frozen corpse of the monster, played by Bela Lugosi.

Patrick Knowles is a young doctor who agrees to help Chaney find the lost notes of Frankenstein. This is a fun film that I have always liked ever since I was just a very young monster movie fan.

The final clash between the monsters is a good one and not soon forgotten. The rest of the cast for this impressive film includes Lionel Atwill, Ilona Massey, Maria Ouspenskaya, and Dwight Frye.


Dawn Wells is 76.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Rare horror film that has finally been made available.

This is an ultra rare horror film that has been made available thanks to Greg Luce at Sinister Cinema. It is made up of two stories from Edgar Allen Poe.

As a kid growing up I had seen a few pics of this in Famous Monsters magazine, but had never had the chance to see this film until now.

This film, made in Argentina has two stories which are "Case Of M. Valdemar" and "Cask Of Amontillado". Both of these are true to the Poe tales, and the second one being the best of the two, as it has the most shocking ending. This pre-dated the Roger Corman film "Tales Of Terror" by a few years.

Jack H. Harris picked this up for distribution yet it has fallen thru the cracks. This is a well made horror film that runs only one hour, but it never lets up. Thanks to Sinister for making this available to the public after all of these years. recommended!!