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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Oh my God, Jerry Warren strikes again!!

Warren has taken two Mexican films, The Aztec Mummy and a horror comedy entitled The Castle of Terror and edited them both together along with some of his famous insert shots and made one hell of a mish mash film.

Two mummies are discovered and one turns out to be a werewolf which happens to kill a few people. Lon Chaney, Jr. portrays the wolfman and it's interesting to see him again in this footage. His scenes are from Castle Of Terror.

This is a really confusing film that makes no sense whatsoever, but it somehow is fun to watch, maybe because it is so inept.

The film run 59 minutes so it is essentially painless, but God, why did Warren do this anyway? If you have an hour to kill and you want to see Chaney in a final performance as a werewolf, here is your chance.

I will say Warren could make bad movies like nobody else.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


An AIP favorite with the incredibly sexy Connie Stevens.

Stevens is a narcotics detective named Jackie Parker, who is hot on the trail of a drug lord who is smuggling drugs into the US via valuable art items.

The head of the entire operation in Seattle is Philip Bianco (Cesare Danova)and Parker is getting closer to having him arrested. Everything seems to be running smoothly until Carl Henrich (William Smith) decides he wants the drugs for himself and steals them from Bianco.

Parker's boss, Chief Frank O' Brien (Normann Burton) warns her to be careful, but the beautiful detective just continues to plunge headlong into a whirlwind of trouble.

Stevens brings a great sexuality to her role, and it is really a shame she didn't make more movies like this. The action never really stops and there are plenty of gun fights, car chases, fist fights and once scene where Henrich kills a young man who is making passionate love to Parker with a speargun. That scene came as a surprise.

I like this movie a hell of a lot and had it when it was first issued on DVD from Shout/ Timeless. The Blu-ray is beautiful and I cannot recommend it enough for exploitation and action fans.

If you haven't seen the film I won't spoil the end, but lets just say it's not what I would prefer, but it works really well for shock value.

The rest of the cast includes Greg Evigan (his debut and he gets to be in bed with Stevens!!!), John Davis Carson, Joyce Jameson and Nick Dimitri.


Linda Harrison is 72, Susan George is 67, Celeste Yarnall is 73, and Suzanna Leigh is 72.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Warner Archives has announced another of my favorite films coming to Blu-ray later this year.

THE GREEN SLIME is coming to Blu later in 2017 and although I don't have a date yet, I already know this will be in my collection.

One of the most fun movies I have ever had the pleasure of watching. it stars Robert Horton, Richard Jaeckel and the gorgeous Luciana Paluzzi.

When i find out a street ate I will let you know. What a year 2017 has been so far for great releases on Blu-ray and DVD.


Lynda Carter is 66, and Torrie Wilson is 42.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


A groundbreaking TV show has been rescued from oblivion.

Beverly Garland stars as Policewoman Casey Jones in this excellent series that ran for 39 episodes.

This was an attempt to make a serious police show and the producers succeeded very well. If you watch it you will be reminded of Dragnet as the character of Jones talks directly to the camera at the end of every episode.

The 39 episodes are well written and some of the actors that appear include Zorah Lampert, Peter Falk and many, many more. I had seen a few of the episodes on discount discs before and the quality wasn't too hot.

Now Film Chest has rescued this show from oblivion and all of the episodes look fantastic. The three disc set also includes a very cool little booklet about the show, an episode guide and a guide to some of the actual new York locations the show was shot at.

If you're a fan of vintage TV, I would highly recommend this show. Also I can't see any Beverly Garland fan passing it by. Check it out.


Charisma Carpenter is 47, Ronny Cox is 79, Lydia Cornell is 64, and Erika Blanc is 75.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Shawn Michaels is 52, Erica Gavin is 70, Tisa Farrow is 66, and Mary Collinson is 65.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Another Fred Olen Ray gem, and I mean that in a good way.

I was first introduced to this film during the boom of VHS and have always liked it.

Gorgeous Sandy Brooke is Taura who is arrested for a crime she didn't commit and sent to a prison ship and run by a maniacal lesbian warden.

Taura proves herself to her fellow inmates, including Mike (Susan Stokey), and both plot their escape. The plot is very simple and basic, but Ray uses it to his best advantage, which is usually the case.

All of the Ray regulars are in this film as well including Ross Hagen as Bantor ( a character who is bat-shit crazy), Dawn Wildsmith, John Carradine, Bobbi Bresee, Danita Aljuwani, beautiful Jade Barrett as Dr. Po, Johnny Legend and Aldo Ray as "The Inquisitor". I could never figure out why Jade Barrett didn't have a longer career unless she chose not to act anymore.

Anyhow, this film moves along well and has all the welcome Ray trappings including mutant monsters, beautiful women in very little clothing and over the top characters.

Watching films from Ray is like welcoming an old friend one hasn't seen in a while. I am glad Kino decided to release this and I hope they release more Ray titles soon. Recommended!!


Audrey Landers is 61, Molly Culver is 50, and Al Snow is 54.