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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


A third great volume of Nitro.

Watching pro wrestling from 1994-2004 was an experience most of the younger fans will never get to experience, and that is a shame.

During this time we had "The Monday Night Wars" which pitted WWE against WCW with WCW clearly taking the lead for almost two consecutive years. WCW had Monday Nitro which was by far the most innovative show of the two. This program started the attitude era in wrestling.

This three disc set is filled with great matches from 1995 to 2001. There are such classics as Sting vs. Diamond Dallas Page, Sister Sherri vs. Madusa, The Outsiders vs. Lex Lugar and Diamond Dallas Page, Goldberg Vs. Ric Flair and much, much more.

There are also some great moments such as when the NWO took over Monday Nitro, The NWO throwing out the Giant and Lex Lugar joining the Wolfpac.

Over 7 hours of great memories hosted by Diamond Dallas Page. This set is highly Recommended to any wrestling fan that was there at the time, or new fans who are just discovering what an era it was.


Another part of my life is gone.

Yvonne Craig who is best known as "Batgirl" from the series Batman has passed away at the age of 78.

She starred in several movies such as "Kissin Cousins" and "It Happened At The World's Fair", both with Elvis Presley. She also starred in the low budget film "Mars Needs Women" but she will always be remembered for her role as Barbara Gordon, aka "Batgirl".

She had been battling breast cancer and lost the fight on Aug. 17th.


Jill St. John is 75, Debra Paget is 82, Darby Hinton is 58, Diana Muldaur is 77, L.Q. Jones is 88, and Angus Scrimm is 89.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Good little film from the bizarre world of Sam Katzman.

A group of scientists from the 18th century stay alive by killing young women and taking their "life force". These scientists are running a women's prison so they have an endless supply of victims.

Victor Jory is Murdoch, the head scientist. Charlotte Austin is beautiful as the social worker who suspects something funny is going on and Bill Hudson is a state investigator who is called in when the death rate gets too high at the prison.

Friedrich von Ledebur is rather creepy as the silent Eric. It is he who kidnaps the women and even though he never says a word, his role is the highlight of the film.

The rest of the cast for this little gem includes Ann Doran, Jean Willes, Paul Cavanagh, Tina Carver and Barbara Wilson.

It is good to see this finally get a DVD release and the print from Mill Creek is excellent. Recommended!!

Monday, August 17, 2015


A very well made Hammer adventure film.

Christopher Lee stars as the leader of a vicious group of killers that are after a list with their names on it.

When looking for the list the kill the young daughter of a ship captain in Hong Kong Harbor, and that is the start of their downfall. Geoffrey Toone is Captain Jackson Sale, a man who has vowed to bring the crime ring known as "The Red Dragon Tong" down to the ground.

Gorgeous Yvonne Monlaur is a former Tong slave that helps Sale destroy his enemies. This is a violent but still fun film from Hammer and it was the first film Christopher Lee got top billing.

If you like adventure films you're gonna like this little gem. Recommended.


Maureen O'Hara is 95, Belinda Carlisle is 57, and Shane Briant is 69.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


It was 38 years ago today that we lost the single greatest entertainer the world has ever known.

Where were you when you heard the news? I was at home and will never forget it.


Another great role for Vincent Price.

Price stars as a magician named Gallico whose employer steals every idea he has ever had. This leads to rage which causes Gallico to murder his boss and then have to impersonate him, which causes even more problems.

Gallico is forced to commit several more murders in order to keep his original murder a secret. Eva Gabor plays his ex wife whom he must also kill.

This is not a bad little movie, and it reminds me of the classic "House Of Wax" in many ways. The print from Mill Creek is perfect and it has been included on a set with four other film. The set is entitled "Classic Horror 4 Pack" and it is a must for any horror fan.

The rest of the cast for this wonderful little film includes John Emery, Patrick O' Neal and Mary Murphy.


Julie Newmar is 82, Ann Blyth is 87, and Mirta Miller is 67.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


This is the first "end of the world from nuclear war films".

Arch Oboler directed this film about the last five people left alive after a nuclear war has wiped out all of mankind.

The five are a pregnant woman whose husband was killed in the explosion, a banker and a bank guard, a young poet and a neo Nazi.

At first all seems to be going well as the first four survivors get together and help each other survive. The elderly banker dies of radiation poisoning but than comes Eric, a neo Nazi type man who completely destroys the unit that has been created.

Eric kills the bank guard, Charles and convinces the woman Roseanne to take new new born baby and leave with him to the big city to find other people and more food.

While in the city Roseanne sees the decayed body of her husband and Eric discovers he has radiation poisoning as well and he runs off. Roseanne and her baby must then fend for themselves. The baby dies and Michael the poet is reunited with Roseanne.

It's a very bleak but well told tale. The acting is good and Oboler handles the material well. I hadn't seen this film for ages, and Mill Creek finally turned it out on DVD along with three other films that I will have here soon.


Natasha Henstridge is 41, Pat Priest is 79, Mike Conners is 90, Barbara Bouchet is 72, Mike Henry is 79, Uschi Digard is 67, Abby Dalton is 83, Lori Nelson is 82, and Gaylen Ross is 65.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Halle Berry is 49, Antonio Fargas is 69, Jim Wynorski is 65, and Candace Hilligoss is 80.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


A very good character actor has passed away.

Sheeler died on Aug. 6th from complications following a stroke. Sheeler acted in a lot of "B" movies during the 50's and 60's including such films as "Tank Battalion" , "Speed Crazy" and "Why Must I Die".

He gained high popularity for starring in the film "From Hell it Came" in 1957. He plays "Eddie" the radio man. It is a role he will always be remembered for.

He was 92.


Gretchen Corbett is 70, and Maria Rohm is 70.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Wow I missed a film that has come in under my radar.

3 Headed Shark Attack has been released by Asylum. This is a direct sequel to 2 Headed Shark Attack, and of course the title explains all.

it was directed by Chris Ray and stars Rob Van Dam, Danny Trejo, lovely Karrueche Tran, and Jena Sims. Gotta watch this and review it sometime soon.