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Monday, August 21, 2017


I remember this movie from a VHS rental store many years ago.

A young woman who is pregnant and her husband travel to her grandfather's castle. Her granddad turns out to be Count Dracula who is hoping the baby will continue the bloodline.

The woman, Berta (Tina Sainz) gets weaker and weaker and her husband grows concerned. The other family members in the castle are beautiful women. The most beautiful one, Munia (Helga Line) seduces the husband, Hans (Tony Isbert) and he too is changed into a vampire.

The other women are Xenia, played by the always gorgeous Maria Kosty and Irina played by Cristina Suriani. All of these women would be very hard to resist under any circumstances.

Anyway, I liked this film a lot and found it to be very interesting, even though the plot is not original by any means. There is a lot of ample female bodies on display and some gruesome violence towards the end of the film.

The print from Sinister is very good, and I have been meaning to pick this up for some time, and finally, of course, did just that. Fans of Euro horror will have much to like with this movie.


Patty McCormack is 72, Clarence Williams III is 78, and Eve Torres is 33.

Sunday, August 20, 2017


One of the kings of comedy has died.

Jerry Lewis will always be remembered for his MDA Telethons which ran for many, many years, but movie fans will also remember him for some pretty comical movies.

Lewis starred in such gems as "Visit To A Small Planet", "Pardners" and "The Nutty Professor" and many more. In some comedies he co-starred with Dean Martin and the two just clicked. It was movie magic much like Abbott and Costello.

The movie that introduced me to Lewis was "The Sad Sack" from 1957. One of the last comedic geniuses has died. Lewis passed away in Las Vegas at the age of 91.


Well made film done in France.

The Golem,a huge statue made of clay by a rabbi is said to come to life in times of deep trouble.

When the persecution of Jews becomes too much,a young woman brings the stature to life and it proceeds to destroy the evil empire and all of those connected with it.

This is a simple story and a remake of the 1920 film of the same name. There are some brutal scenes. at least for the time of torture and Jews being fed to the lions.

I am not sure where Sinister got their subtitled print, but sometimes there are no subtitles and at other times they appear on the screen way before the actual words are spoken. So, I turned them off and just enjoyed the movie in it's original French language.

The print quality is very good and I would recommend it for fans of obscure 30's horror.


Paul Hampton is 80.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


The fourth in the series, and I have to say it's one of the worst films I have ever seen.

I have seen this film once before and I decided to give it another try on the Blu-ray, and holy shit, the film is even worse than I recall. Another 82 minutes of my life I will never get back.

Aliens come to Earth and attempt to take it over with the help of their giant squid-like leader, Viras. Two annoying as hell children and Gamera come to the rescue.

I have patience for a lot of low budget films no matter how bad they are, but good God, this one really taxed my patience. The acting by everyone all around is pathetic and I have never been as tired of children as I was watching this drivel.

Nothing bothers me more than seeing children portrayed as geniuses and adults as blithering idiots, and when watching a monster fight, these two annoying boys won't shut the fuck up and keep yelling instructions to Gamera!!! Nothing makes me want to stick sharp pokers in my ears more than that.

I found myself watching this and constantly checking my timer to see how much longer it had to run. That my friends, is a bad sign. After the first three films this is a hell of a let down. I told a friend after watching it I wanted to poke out my eyes as it was that bad.

I have never felt this way about any low budget film, but everyone has his or her breaking point, and mine has been reached with this turgid giant turtle junk. I will be reviewing the other Gamera films on Blu-ray, and I don't think there was another one worse than this, but I could be wrong.

I wouldn't recommend this film even to my ex-mother-in-Law let alone anyone reading this blog, but is you're a masochist you might enjoy 82 minutes of painful film watching.


Jill St. John is 77, Diana Muldaur is 79, Debra Paget is 84, L. Q. Jones is 90, Darby Hinton is 60, and Lilian Garcia is 51.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Very interesting thriller shot in Texas.

People are being killed near a small desert community near the Mexican border, and a local sheriff investigates.

He is helped by a Leslie (Irene Kelly) a beautiful researcher who is writing a book on cults. Both discover that a weird religious cult is in the area conducting human sacrifices.

The local Sheriff is killed after seeing the group burn a Mexican woman alive. There are some pretty effective moments in this gritty film. I do suspect there were some parts either trimmed or cut out to secure a PG rating, but I can't be sure.

However, I would not let that deter you from seeing a unique regional film that is eerie and effective.

The print from Sinister is somewhat ragged, but that actually adds to the charm of this kind of film. It's available as a single feature or part of a Drive-In Double Feature with "Garden Of The Dead".


Shane Briant is 71.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


One of the most obscure and odd films I have seen in a while.

Viktor Frankenstein is expelled from a European University and soon seeks to further his education in a Canadian college.

He studies brain control under a professor at his new school and finds he is still the object of ridicule by most of the students and teachers.

This film takes place in the 70's and it shows. Not only the clothes but some of the culture as well. There is a rally against computers taking over mankind which is more timely today than back in 1970.

Viktor is soon in trouble again after a school paper reporter and his photographer frame him for using drugs, which he never does anyway. He soon transforms one of his friends into a mindless killer that seeks revenge on everyone who wronged him.

Just when you think you have the plot figured out, it throws you a major curve ball. For instance, why does Viktor always remain clothed when his sexy as hell blonde girlfriend wants to have sex?

In case you haven't seen this, I will stop now, but I highly recommend this little slice of 70's exploitation film making that has been sadly forgotten. The cast includes Robin Ward as Viktor, Kathleen Sawyer as his girlfriend Susan and Austin Willis as school dean Cantwell.

See it!!


Julie Newmar is 84, Ann Blyth is 89, Gary Clarke is 84, George Eastman is 75, J.R. Bookwalter is 51, and Mirta Miller is 69.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


This is the third Gamera film, and and a not too bad of one.

This lightens up the tone a lot from the previous entry, but the series still wasn't the kid crazy insanity it was almost ready to turn into.

A flying monster named Gyaos is released from a volcano and begins wrecking havoc in Japan. The creature has an appitite for humans and eats them as much as he can.

Gamera comes to the rescue and fights the evil monster that will remind you somewhat of Rodan, and this is no surprise as Daiei productions was trying to copy the success of the Godzilla films from Toho.

The Blu-ray looks very, very good and as usual this is the original Japanese print with English subtitles. If you like giant Japanese monster films, I would recommend this entry.


Natasha Henstridge is 43, Barbara Bouchet is 74, Mike Henry is 81, Pat Priest is 81, Abby Dalton is 85, Gaylen Ross is 67, and Lori Nelson is 84.

Monday, August 14, 2017


This gem was unseen since it was made in 1975, and Garagehouse has finally been able to locate a print.

Actor/Director Chris Robinson made this film and sadly it never got released. Now, thanks to the wonder of Blu-ray it has been finally restored and made available to the masses.

Several people gather on a small island retreat looking for gold, but instead they find greed, murder and some totally irrational madness.

Before you can say "slasher" the bodies start piling up and it seems that the killer might be something supernatural. One by one people die until the very interesting conclusion, which threw me for a loop and was totally unexpected.

The plot is simple and is really a precursor to the slasher films of the 80's. The cast includes Mickey Rooney, Yvonne DeCarlo and Ted Cassidy whose role is small, but very important to the entire film, and director Robinson.

Garagehouse has been bringing out a lot of these lost little films, and I hope they can keep doing it. These are always a pleasure to finally see and no film deserves to be unreleased...well unless it's a Spike Lee film or a Michael Moore disaster, but that is another story for another time.

This is a highly recommended film and one of the best releases of the year in my opinion.


Halle Berry is 51, Jim Wynorski is 67, Antonio Fargas is 71, and Candace Hilligoss is 82.