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Monday, March 19, 2018


More babes, boobs and blood from Andy Sidaris.

Erik Estrada stars as a gun runner named Juan Degas aka The Jack Of Diamonds.

He and his men kill several members of the L.E.T.H.A.L. organization and they leave the Jack Of Diamonds playing card on all of their victims.

Degas hires several people do kill the two top agents, Donna Hamilton (Dona Speir) and Nicole Justin (Roberta Vasquez). This proves to be much harder than expected and Degas grows very impatient.

Having Vasquez go from sexy villain in the previous film to Government Drug Agent in this film is quite a surprise, but hey, that's movie making back in the day.

This film moves along very quickly, and Estrada is very good as the insane baddie who goes so far as to kidnap Donna's mother, Kathryn played by the still gorgeous Phyllis Davis.

I found the role of Cash, the girlfriend of Degas, to be one of the best performances in the film. Devin DeVasquez is not only sexy as hell, but a very cold blooded killer as well. She is a standout in a cast of standouts. I wish she had made more films for Sidaris.

The rest of the cast includes Bruce Penhall, Cynthia Brimhall, Michael Shane, Chuck McCann and Danny Trejo.


Ursula Andress is 82, Patricia Morison is 103, and A.J. Mendez is 31.

Sunday, March 18, 2018


One of the oddest damn movies I have ever seen.

Mickey Rooney stars as a demented former makeup man named B.J. Lang who keeps a woman hostage in an old abandoned studio. He proceeds to force her to act in his private play of Cyrano De Bergerac.

Luana Anders is Carlotta, the hapless woman who spends a good deal of time tied to a wheelchair. Keenan Wynn also appears in a small role as Charlie, but his character is killed off quickly.

Rooney has been in some bizarre movies in the past, but this one easily takes the cake. This is a three person movie and even though Anders does an excellent job as Carlotta, it is Rooney who rules the roost here.

Both characters slowly fall into madness and there are some scenes in this film that will make your jaw drop. I have read many, many things about this film and most people claim this to be an unwatchable piece of garbage. I strongly disagree.

Films like this are not for everyone, but they are unique. For three actors and minimal sets, I'd say this study in insanity turned out very well. If you get a chance see this oddity. You haven't lived until you hear Rooney sing Chattanooga Choo Choo and watch Anders have visions of Rooney's character moving in fast motion!



Peggy Dow is 90.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Strange but good Euro horror.

Mark Damon stars as a young man named Lionelle Shandwell who has a small problem. Ever since he was a small child he has been possessed by Byleth, the demon of incest.

He is madly in love with his sister who is aware that her brother has a problem, but she does not know a demon possesses him. This is a very rare and obscure Euro horror film and nowhere near as tasteless as the title might suggest.

Damon turns in a very good performance and there is ample female nudity which is about normal for this kind of Euro horror. The print from Sinister Cinema is widescreen and subtitled.

If you get a chance you might want to check out this rare Italian shocker. A Big thanks to Sinister for making it available.


Kurt Russell is 67, and Laurene Landon is 61.

Friday, March 16, 2018


This is one twisted movie.

A crazy female nymphomaniac named Victoria kills her father in order to gain an inheritance, and when she finally kills him, she seduces the doctor, Craig Cooper (Peter Carpenter) to lie on his death certificate. Cooper agrees because she has promised him $50,000 which will help the doctor get a blackmailer off of his back.

However, at the reading of the will Victoria gets a huge surprise as the bulk of the estate goes to her sister Gail (Vicki Peters), which causes Victoria to have a nervous breakdown.

Insanity slowly takes center stage as Victoria starts killing various people. Maria De Aragon is simply stunning as the beautiful but insane Victoria. Her performance alone makes this bizarre film worth seeing.

I hadn't seen this movie for many, many years. It was first introduced to me on KCPX TV and Nightmare Theater and of course it was an edited version, and as a "monster" kid I was not too thrilled by this movie.

Flash ahead to 45 plus years later and I can really appreciate it more. The Sinister Cinema print is culled from both a 35mm and 16mm print and it's all put together for the longest version of this film currently available. It runs 105 minutes!

Yes, it does drag at times, but it is worth checking out and if you're so inclined do it. De Aragon steals the show.


Isabelle Huppert is 65, Erik Estrada is 69, and Joseph Pilato is 69.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Another Andy Sidaris thriller.

A double agent named Picasso Trigger (John Aprea) is killed by a vicious crime boss named Miguel Ortiz (Rodrigo Obregon).

As if that isn't enough, Ortiz then begins killing agents working for The Agency who were responsible for his brothers death. Donna (Dona Speir), Taryn (Hope Marie Carlton) and Travis Abilene (Steve Bond) spring into action along with some of their other colleagues to try and stop Ortiz.

The usual babes, boobs and blood follow and it is done in a very entertaining manner. There are a lot of spinning plot twists in this particular entry, the most unusual centering around Picasso Trigger himself.

These films all begin to look the same when you see them back to back, and that isn't me being critical, it's a fact. But this film is really quite different. As expected Speir and Carlton are superb eye candy. This is the first appearance by sexy as hell Roberta Vasquez and her character of Pantera is a perfect combination of sexy and evil.

Vasquez would go on to appear in other Sidaris movies, but as an agent instead of a baddie. These film never get boring and everyone of them in the Mill Creek set looks and sounds fantastic.

This is a highly recommended entry in the series..

The rest of the cast includes Bruce Penhall, Cynthia Brimhall and Harold Diamond.


David Cronenberg is 75, OLga Schoberova is 75, and Khosrow Vaziri is 76.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


After a very long wait the 4K restoration of this little gem is finally here.

Yesdterday I reviewed "Tales That Witness Madness" which was written by Jennifer Jayne. This film was also written by a couple of women, Vy Russell and Sue Dwiggins. This leads me to believe that some of these women have very twisted minds, and I do mean this in a very good way.

There have been many copies of this movie around under the title "The Atomic Brain" and you can toss all of them away because of this beautiful Blu-ray.

The story revolves around an elderly woman named Mrs. March (Marjorie Eaton) who has hired a twisted doctor named Otto Frank (Frank Gerstle) to transplant her brain into the body of a young woman.

She brings three women to her home under the pretense of maid service. One of the women has her brain replaced with that of a cat and this results in some of the most bizarre things I have seen in a movie. Of course, there are other creatures walking around including a dog/man and a souless zombie girl.

Yep, things get even weirder and the demented doctor pulls a fast one on his benefactor and puts her brain into the body of a cat. Only one of the young women escapes, but things are far from over as the movie has an open ending. The rest of the cast includes Erika Peters, Lisa Lang and the beautiful Judy Bamber.

The disc is simply the most beautiful looking print of this film you'll ever see. It includes a few extras such as restoration info and comparison, and an interview with Bradford Dillman and Pamela Dillman about the involvement of Brad's brother Dean in the film. There is also a widescreen anf full screen version and "Atomic Brain" opening credit sequence.

If you're a fan of this film like I am this is a no brainer. Check it out.


Rick Dees is 68, and Carol Speed is 73.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Four bizarre tales from director Freddie Francis.

I reviewed this a couple of years ago when it came out from Olive on regular DVD and this is simply a quick overview for the Blu-ray release.

This omnibus film contains for bizarre tales, each related by a psychiatrist to a friend. The writer was actress Jennifer Jayne under the pseudonym of Jay Fairbank. If anything, this does show she had a great imagination as well as a twisted one.

The first tale concerns a young boy who has an imaginary pet tiger. His parents fight all the time and the tiger grows to hate them, but what can an imaginary tiger do anyway?? The parents find out in a very big way.

The second tale concerns a man who works in an antique shop. He discovers a penny farthing which has the ability to transport him into the past, with tragic results.

The third tale is by far the most bizarre, but it is the one that actually works the best of all four. It's entitled MEL and it stars the luscious Joan Collins as a woman whose husband slowly falls in love with a tree stump!! I know it sounds insane, but you have to see it to understand. Easily one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen in any film.

The fourth and final tale stars Kim Novak in a tale about cannibals. Besides the above mentioned two beauties, this film also stars Donald Pleasence, Jack Hawkins, Suzy Kendall, and the stunning Mary Tamm.

The Blu-ray presentation is excellent as expected. If you haven't seen this movie I suggest you try it and see what you think.


Leslie Parrish is 83.

Monday, March 12, 2018


A great film directed by Ivan Dixon.

Robert Hooks stars as Mr. T, a supercool private detective hired by two men whose crap games are being knocked off by a gang of masked men.

The two men, Chalky (Paul Winfield) and Pete (Ralph Waite) are anxious for answers, and T tries to keep everything under control. T attends one of the crap games and as expected the masked men break in, but this time one of the men is shot and killed.

It becomes apparent that T is being set up for murder, and police captain Joe Marx (William Smithers) is more than willing to arrest T. He and T hate one another basically because T is far more successful that Marx.

T finds himself getting in a very tight spot when his friends are being beaten up and threatened. He has his girlfriend Cleo (Paula Kelly) leave town for her safety. He then begins a course of revenge on the man who really set him up.

I don't see why this gets so many bad reviews. It's a hell of an action film and it never gets boring, or slows down. Ralph Waite turns in a great performance as Pete Cockrell. Waite plays him as a two timing, back stabbing son of a bitch with a very hidden but psychotic side.

This is a very solid example of Black Action Cinema and one that reall shouldn't be missed for fans of the genre. The soundtrack is a great one by Marvin Gaye. Director Ivan Dixon is best known for his long role as Kinchloe on "Hogan's Heroes". Recommended!!