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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Things have been very chaotic where I am at due to problems I have been having which I stated a few posts back, but I am still able to do this blog every so often.

Kino will be releasing "THE INCREDIBLE TWO HEADED TRANSPLANT" starring Bruce Dern in Blu-ray on Sept. 22nd along with "BLACK CAESAR" starring Fred Williamson and "SLAUGHTER" starring Jim Brown. These have a street date of Sept. 22nd.

Kino is also releasing "PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT" starring Patrick Wayne and "THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE" starring Jodie Foster, but no street date has yet been given. It looks like Kino is one of the leading companies for these kinds of films, second only to Shout Factory.

Twilight Time will be releasing "COUNT YORGA VAMPIRE" AND "SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN" on Blu-ray just in time for Halloween. The street date will be announced soon.


I have reviewed this here before when it was available as an MOD, but now the film has been released on Mill Creek.

An international crew of 12 astronauts are sent on an expedition to the moon. Once on the moon the discover various dangers including a "lunar quicksand" that one of the crew sinks into and dies. Then towards the end of the film, the moon race decides to freeze the entire earth.

Two other members disappear and are being used for study by the unseen race on the moon. This is pretty cool stuff in my opinion. Yes, the film is a bit talky at times, but it just entertainment and it fills the bill really well.

The cast is quite a large one for such a low budget undertaking. The cast includes Ken Clark, Michi Kobi, Tom Conway, Anthony Dexter, John Wengraf, Francis X. Bushman and Anna-Lisa.

This is included on a set with five other films and the print quality is excellent. I am glad these have come to DVD in official form, and it is good the Mill Creek has chosen to release these Columbia classics. Recommended!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Joanna Cassidy is 70, Wes Craven is 76, Butch Patrick is 62, Appolonia Kotero is 56, and Susan Denberg is 71.


One of the most talented wrestlers in history has passed away from cardiac arrest.

Piper was named one of the top fifty villains in wrestling history an will be sorely missed. Piper was born Roderick Toombs and is survived by his wife and four children.

In all the world of pro wrestling, which I hold near and dear to my heart, I have never met anyone like him. Piper also starred in several films, and two of the are unforgettable and they are "Hell Comes To Frogtown" and John Carpenter's "They Live" which was his greatest movie role.

They don't make them like "Rowdy" Roddy Piper anymore. He was 61.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


The fourth and most brutal of the Apes saga.

In a future world about 20 years after the ending of the "Escape" film, the US is under a totalitarian government that condones ape slavery after a plague wipes out all cats and dogs.

Ricardo Mantalban is Armando, a circus owner who has control of an ape named Caesar. Caesar has the ability to speak since his parents were Zira and Cornelius. When this is discovered the government takes any steps necessary to find him and kill him because they now he will eventually lead a revolution that will end mankind.

Armando is taken into custody and eventually killed which enrages Caesar. Slowly over time he organizes the apes into an unstoppable army that proceeds to destroy a city and slowly take over.

This is definitely the most violent of the movies and yet it still appeals to families which is what Fox was afraid of when it was released. they thought families wouldn't enjoy it as much as the previous three films, but alas, they were wrong.

The stellar cast includes Roddy McDowell as Caesar, Don Murray, Natalie Trundy, Hari Rhodes, Severn Darden, John Randpolph, H. M. Wynant and the very sexy Asa Maynor.

If you enjoy the Apes series, then you'll love this one. Recommended.


Every once in a while life throws you some curves, and it has thrown a few my way lately.

I am currently looking for a new place to live as well as some medical problems, which makes for a bad combination. Due to this the blog will be somewhat sporadic for a while.

I haven't had a lot of time to watch movies as of late, but will still try and post reviews here and coming attractions when I can.

I very much appreciate everyone who stops by, comments and enjoy what I do. This blog is simply a labor of love and nothing more.

When things settle down a bit, I will be back full blast, but I have no idea when that will be. One other thing I wanted to mention is that today, July 30th marks the one year anniversary of the passing of one of the best friends I ever had. John Conrad Fredriksen passed away from brain cancer on this date last year.

John was a contributor to this blog and an author who penned many books on war history as well as two books on the entertainment field. Those books were "Honey West" and "Man Into Space." he was working on the "Bible" of 50's sci-fi when he was diagnosed and it was never completed.

John's memory will always be with me, and that is another reason I do this blog, and will continue to.


This has been reviewed here before when it was available from Columbia. But now Mill Creek has put this out on a pretty cool set of six sci-fi films.

People have been turned into green blob monsters due to fall out from radioactivity, and now they are looking for new victims in Tokyo.

There are some pretty graphic scenes of people dissolving after coming in contact with the green goop, an those are not soon forgotten. Neither are the scenes on the thought to be abandoned boat.

There is also a pretty heavy gangster subplot which makes the movie even more interesting, at least in my opinion. This film obviously inspired by "The Blob", but of course done in a very different style. The print looks fantastic and is in the correct aspect ratio. If you get a chance I highly recommend you see this Japanese sci-fi gem.


Jamie Pressly is 38, Vivica A. Fox is 51, Edd Byrnes is 82, and Monique Gabrielle is 52.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This is the third film in the very successful franchise.

Zira, Cornelius and Milo escape from the future earth before it is ended at the end of the second film, and they find that they have landed on Earth in 1973 by hitting the same time warp encountered by Taylor and other earth astronauts.

At first all are treated as animals and put in a zoo until Zira shocks them by actually speaking. Dr. Milo is accidentally killed by a gorilla, and soon Zira and Cornelius become honored guests. This all changes when the government discovers that Zira is pregnant and the her baby might be the one who leads a revolution to overthrow the human race.

This is one of the best of the series and even today can really make you think. Bradford Dillman and Natalie Trundy are two scientists that befriend the two fugitive apes. Kim Hunter and Roddy McDowell are Zira and Cornelius respectively. I really recommend this entry.

The ending is a sad one, but fitting and open for the fourth segment. The rest of the cast includes William Windom, Sal Mineo as Milo, Eric Braeden, Jason Evers, Albert Salmi, Asa Maynor, and John Randolph.


Elizabeth Berkley is 43, and Lisa Gastoni is 80.

Monday, July 27, 2015


I reviewed this a long time ago when it was available only as a DVD MOD from Columbia. Now it has been officially released on DVD from Mill Creek.

A scientist perfects a machine that he claims can predict earthquakes. The scientist, David Conway (William Leslie)predicts that a massive quake will strike California in 24 hours, and he is proven correct.

Soon earthquakes are happening everywhere and it become obvious that something is causing more than just the usual run of ground movements.

Conway and his assistant Laura Hutchinson (Kathryn Grant) set up base in the Carlsbad Caverns to try and find out what is happening. By accident they discover a rock which grows and expands then explodes. This turns out to be the culprit. They name it Element 112.

From then on it is a race against time to stop Element 112 from destroying the entire world. This is a fun but sometimes talky film. However, it's not a bad way to kill 64 minutes. I liked it, and the Mill Creek print is beautiful and in the correct aspect ratio.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Interesting 50's sci-fi film.

An alien contacts five people and brings them on board his spaceship and gives them all containers with three capsules.

Gene Barry and Valerie French are two of the people given the capsules. They hide out from authorities once the alien broadcasts who has the items.

A Chinese peasant woman commits suicide rather than be captured by her government, a Soviet guard is held prisoner and tortured for the secret of the capsules, which he doesn't know anyway. The US government is anxious to find out the use of these capsules.

This film is a well made and sometimes overlooked film that has a very important message. Three superpowers are set at odds against each other by an alien race that needs to relocate and they have given the human race a chance to destroy themselves. A very good message if you ask me.

The film is well acted and the direction is good. Mill Creek has turned this out on a set with five other great films from Columbia Pictures. Those will be here at a later date. I highly recommend this film. The rest of the cast includes Arnold Moss as the alien, George Voskovec, Paul Birch, and Frederick Ledebur.