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Friday, June 23, 2017


Another Paul Naschy gem.

This mystery/horror film was partially financed by a Japanese company once funding for these kinds of films was drying up in Spain.

Naschy is Bruno Rivera, a hit man working for the Yakuza who double crosses the mob and steals a hugs cache of diamonds. His lover, a beautiful Japanese woman named Mieko hunts him down with mob members. Bruno kills them all including Mieko's brother. Mieko vows vengeance.

In the battle Bruno is shot and very near death. He collapses and when he regains consciousness he finds himself at an estate run by a kindly doctor who happens to have two very beautiful daughters living with him as well as a sexy black woman who takes care of them all.

The daughters, Monica (Silvia Aguilar) and Alicia (Azucena Hernandez) both fall for Bruno as he is slowly healed up. Bruno is haunted in his dreams about Mieko and before you know it Mieko has caught up with him, but she gets a very tragic surpsrise which I will not spoil here.

An even bigger surprise is in store for Bruno as he tries to make his final escape. The story builds slowly and there is a lot of mystery as a killer stalks the area around the house. That may sound pretty ordinary, but this is no ordinary movie.

I will not give away the ending, but it wraps up everything pretty well and you even get a final shocker in the last 10 seconds of the film!!

The doctor named Dom Simon (Lautaro Murua) has a very interesting and twisted sexual relationship with his housekeeper Raquel (Roxana Dupre) and it will shake up some of the PC crowd as he whips her and tells her he is her Master, but in reality it is Raquel who has turned the household into what it is.

The Blu-ray looks fantastic and is part of the "Paul Naschy Collection". Highly Recommended!!


John Amplas is 68, and Brandi Rhodes is 34.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Made in 1974, this great little Paul Naschy film was finally released in the USA in 1976.

Naschy stars as a man who is an ex-convict looking for work in a small town. Walking along a dark road he is picked up by an attractive woman who hires him as a caretaker of the estate on which she and her sisters live.

The sisters are a strange lot themselves. Claude (Diana Lorys), is beautiful but has a disfigured arm and hand from a burn, Nicole (Ines Morales)is a beautiful red headed nymphomaniac and Ivette (Maria Perschy) is wheelchair bound. As soon as Gilles (Naschy) starts work at the house a serial killer starts killing local women.

The killer stalks beautiful blonde women with blue eyes. After he kills them he cuts out the eyes. Gilles in immediately suspected once the police discover he is staying with the women.

Gilles sleeps with Nicole and Claude. He and Claude fall in love, but it is too late as he is forced to run after the police begin a chase that ends in his death.

The ending of this film comes as a big surprise and it had been so long since I saw this film I forgot the kicker ending. Naschy is very good under the direction of Carlos Aured, and, of course all the women are gorgeous.

The Blu-ray presentation from Scream Factory is perfect and this is my introduction to Naschy on Blu-ray and this is included in a set of 5 films from Nascy that Shout has put out. The set is entitled The Paul Naschy Collection and each title will be reviewed here in the coming days.

This is a highly recommended title if you love Spanish horror mixed with giallo.


Bruce Campbell is 59, Lindsay Wagner is 68, Kris Kristofferson is 81, and Cyndi Lauper is 64.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


One of the greatest releases of the year is here!!!!!

Coming from Synapse on Sept. 12th is a Blu-ray I have waited for a very, very long time. THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA along with a new 2k scan of the "CREEPING TERROR".

Wow, this promises to be quite a release indeed.


This is the autobiography of the one and only Larry Buchanan.

One of the most interesting books I have ever read. Buchanan, of course made such cinematic gems "In The Year 2889", "Creature Of Destruction", "Curse Of The Swamp Creature" and much more.

Buchanan takes us on a journey thru his life starting with being raised in a strict boys home and then going into the army and finally making movies on impossibly low budgets.

The Texas film maker cheerfully admits making bad films, but not all are as bad as people say. I have worked on movies with as low budgets and some even smaller, so I know the pitfalls of this kind of life.

There are quite a few surprises in this book and it makes for one hell of a read. I can't see how anyone interested in low budget film making could resist this book. Love him or hate him, after reading this tome you will have a better understanding of what Larry went thru and it's a miracle he ever got any of his films done.

Recommended reading.


Mariette Hartley is 77, and Ron Ely is 79.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


One of my all time favorite made for TV films.

Teresa Graves stars as Christie Love, a beautiful undercover detective who is called in to track down a drug dealer and his suppliers.

Harry Guardino is Love's boss and he sends her to Miami to track down the drug lord's girlfriend. Christie gets far more than she bargained for, but she is a tough woman and can handle herself very well, as several people discover.

The gorgeous Teresa Graves gives a top notch performance here and the movie was so popular that is spawned a TV series that ran for one year before Graves gave it up in favor of religion.

She was gorgeous and 5'10" of stunning black beauty. When I first saw the film at the age of 11 I was enamored with Graves and I loved the TV show as well.

The Film Detective has done a very good job with this film and it looks better than any of the other versions I have seen. If you like sexy black women, good action and fast moving films, you'll want to see this. Recommended!!


Martin Landau is 89, Candy Clark is 70, Brett Halsey is 84, and Zia Mohyeddin is 84.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Another great 15 chapter Republic serial.

Ralph Byrd returns as Tracy and this time he and the FBI are fighting Pa Stark and his sons who have formed a powerful crime ring.

Tracy and his men fight spies, saboteurs and other sorted characters in order to stop the Starks from obtaining government secret weapons, millions of dollars and more.

The 15 chapters moves along at a good pace and what helps this chapter play along is the fact that the power mad Pa Stark is played by none other than Charles Middleton.

If you like serials, this one comes highly recommended.


Paula Abdul is 55, Daria Nicolodi is 67, and Rosalba Neri is 79.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Today marks three years since the greatest voice in radio passed away.

I grew up listening to Casey count them down and he always made the music more enjoyable with his tidbits of information about the people who made the hits.

Kasem started AT40 with Don Bustany on July 4th, 1970 and even though I never heard the first year or so of the broadcast, when I did hear it for the first time I was immediately captivated.

I miss the fact that he isn't around anymore and his death was a sad one because it was caused by elder abuse from Jean Kasem, his wife.

Kasem was and always will be the greatest voice in radio and there will NEVER be another.