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Friday, June 23, 2017


Another Paul Naschy gem.

This mystery/horror film was partially financed by a Japanese company once funding for these kinds of films was drying up in Spain.

Naschy is Bruno Rivera, a hit man working for the Yakuza who double crosses the mob and steals a hugs cache of diamonds. His lover, a beautiful Japanese woman named Mieko hunts him down with mob members. Bruno kills them all including Mieko's brother. Mieko vows vengeance.

In the battle Bruno is shot and very near death. He collapses and when he regains consciousness he finds himself at an estate run by a kindly doctor who happens to have two very beautiful daughters living with him as well as a sexy black woman who takes care of them all.

The daughters, Monica (Silvia Aguilar) and Alicia (Azucena Hernandez) both fall for Bruno as he is slowly healed up. Bruno is haunted in his dreams about Mieko and before you know it Mieko has caught up with him, but she gets a very tragic surpsrise which I will not spoil here.

An even bigger surprise is in store for Bruno as he tries to make his final escape. The story builds slowly and there is a lot of mystery as a killer stalks the area around the house. That may sound pretty ordinary, but this is no ordinary movie.

I will not give away the ending, but it wraps up everything pretty well and you even get a final shocker in the last 10 seconds of the film!!

The doctor named Dom Simon (Lautaro Murua) has a very interesting and twisted sexual relationship with his housekeeper Raquel (Roxana Dupre) and it will shake up some of the PC crowd as he whips her and tells her he is her Master, but in reality it is Raquel who has turned the household into what it is.

The Blu-ray looks fantastic and is part of the "Paul Naschy Collection". Highly Recommended!!


John Amplas is 68, and Brandi Rhodes is 34.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Made in 1974, this great little Paul Naschy film was finally released in the USA in 1976.

Naschy stars as a man who is an ex-convict looking for work in a small town. Walking along a dark road he is picked up by an attractive woman who hires him as a caretaker of the estate on which she and her sisters live.

The sisters are a strange lot themselves. Claude (Diana Lorys), is beautiful but has a disfigured arm and hand from a burn, Nicole (Ines Morales)is a beautiful red headed nymphomaniac and Ivette (Maria Perschy) is wheelchair bound. As soon as Gilles (Naschy) starts work at the house a serial killer starts killing local women.

The killer stalks beautiful blonde women with blue eyes. After he kills them he cuts out the eyes. Gilles in immediately suspected once the police discover he is staying with the women.

Gilles sleeps with Nicole and Claude. He and Claude fall in love, but it is too late as he is forced to run after the police begin a chase that ends in his death.

The ending of this film comes as a big surprise and it had been so long since I saw this film I forgot the kicker ending. Naschy is very good under the direction of Carlos Aured, and, of course all the women are gorgeous.

The Blu-ray presentation from Scream Factory is perfect and this is my introduction to Naschy on Blu-ray and this is included in a set of 5 films from Nascy that Shout has put out. The set is entitled The Paul Naschy Collection and each title will be reviewed here in the coming days.

This is a highly recommended title if you love Spanish horror mixed with giallo.


Bruce Campbell is 59, Lindsay Wagner is 68, Kris Kristofferson is 81, and Cyndi Lauper is 64.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


One of the greatest releases of the year is here!!!!!

Coming from Synapse on Sept. 12th is a Blu-ray I have waited for a very, very long time. THE CREEP BEHIND THE CAMERA along with a new 2k scan of the "CREEPING TERROR".

Wow, this promises to be quite a release indeed.


This is the autobiography of the one and only Larry Buchanan.

One of the most interesting books I have ever read. Buchanan, of course made such cinematic gems "In The Year 2889", "Creature Of Destruction", "Curse Of The Swamp Creature" and much more.

Buchanan takes us on a journey thru his life starting with being raised in a strict boys home and then going into the army and finally making movies on impossibly low budgets.

The Texas film maker cheerfully admits making bad films, but not all are as bad as people say. I have worked on movies with as low budgets and some even smaller, so I know the pitfalls of this kind of life.

There are quite a few surprises in this book and it makes for one hell of a read. I can't see how anyone interested in low budget film making could resist this book. Love him or hate him, after reading this tome you will have a better understanding of what Larry went thru and it's a miracle he ever got any of his films done.

Recommended reading.


Mariette Hartley is 77, and Ron Ely is 79.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


One of my all time favorite made for TV films.

Teresa Graves stars as Christie Love, a beautiful undercover detective who is called in to track down a drug dealer and his suppliers.

Harry Guardino is Love's boss and he sends her to Miami to track down the drug lord's girlfriend. Christie gets far more than she bargained for, but she is a tough woman and can handle herself very well, as several people discover.

The gorgeous Teresa Graves gives a top notch performance here and the movie was so popular that is spawned a TV series that ran for one year before Graves gave it up in favor of religion.

She was gorgeous and 5'10" of stunning black beauty. When I first saw the film at the age of 11 I was enamored with Graves and I loved the TV show as well.

The Film Detective has done a very good job with this film and it looks better than any of the other versions I have seen. If you like sexy black women, good action and fast moving films, you'll want to see this. Recommended!!


Martin Landau is 89, Candy Clark is 70, Brett Halsey is 84, and Zia Mohyeddin is 84.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Another great 15 chapter Republic serial.

Ralph Byrd returns as Tracy and this time he and the FBI are fighting Pa Stark and his sons who have formed a powerful crime ring.

Tracy and his men fight spies, saboteurs and other sorted characters in order to stop the Starks from obtaining government secret weapons, millions of dollars and more.

The 15 chapters moves along at a good pace and what helps this chapter play along is the fact that the power mad Pa Stark is played by none other than Charles Middleton.

If you like serials, this one comes highly recommended.


Paula Abdul is 55, Daria Nicolodi is 67, and Rosalba Neri is 79.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Today marks three years since the greatest voice in radio passed away.

I grew up listening to Casey count them down and he always made the music more enjoyable with his tidbits of information about the people who made the hits.

Kasem started AT40 with Don Bustany on July 4th, 1970 and even though I never heard the first year or so of the broadcast, when I did hear it for the first time I was immediately captivated.

I miss the fact that he isn't around anymore and his death was a sad one because it was caused by elder abuse from Jean Kasem, his wife.

Kasem was and always will be the greatest voice in radio and there will NEVER be another.


Today is the birthday of my first love in the entertainment field.

Judy made her acting debut in 1963 in the William Castle film 13 Frightened Girls and was on her way. She appeared in such TV shows as Batman, Bewitched an Days Of Our Live before her big break came in 1970 with the film Cotton Comes To Harlem.

But just before that film came into being she was already shaking up the TV and movie business by being the first black female villain on the show called Peyton Place.

The movie world was enamored with Judy's beauty an acting ability in Cotton and soon she was appearing in other movies like Up In The Cellar and, the movie that first introduced me to her sexiness...Frogs.

Judy also starred in the 1972 TV movie Brian's Song and after seeing her in these films I simply fell in love with the woman. I then kept my eyes peeled for anything she was in.

I caught her in episodes of Kung Fu, Medical Center, Sanford and Son, Good Times and much more. I have seen most of her movies including Cool Breeze, the above mentioned Cotton Comes To Harlem, and I still need to catch Three In The Attic, but I will soon. I even caught her on The Dating Game when she was the first black bachlorette ever on the show.

Judy is still busy today and for people like me she will always be a top queen of the movie screen. LONG LIVE JUDY PACE.


Yes, I have reviewed this movie twice before, but finally have the definitive version from Mondo Macabro.

Paul Naschy directed and stars in this Spanish horror gem as a witch hunter who comes to a small village with his two companions to seek out witches and destroy them. Most of the area around them has been devastated with plague. The time is 16th century France.

Bernard de Fossey (Naschy) immediately starts seeking witches but his heart is captured by a beautiful woman who is the daughter of a dignitary. Catherine is her name and she is going to marry a local man whom Fossey has killed so he can have her.

Catherine is obsessed with finding her lover's killer that she aligns with Satan and discovers that it was Fossey behind the crime.

In the meantime Fossey and his helpers are torturing women on racks, whipping them and pulling off nipples in order to get confessions. Catherine has a special fate in store for Fossey and that is to burn at the stake.

I have seen many different versions of this film of varying quality and up until now the very best came from Sinister Cinema, but Mondo Macabro has changed all of that with this simply gorgeous Blu-ray.

The disc has an introduction by the late, great Naschy, new English subtitles, an interview with Daniela Giorano who plays Catherine, and a documentary on Spanish horror entitled Blood And Sand which is very good.

Now I wish someone would do a documentary of Spanish horror actresses!! Anyhow, I cannot recommend this Blu-ray enough. Naschy fans should not miss this one.


Judy Pace is 75, Joy Bang is 72, Pamela Martinez is 28, and Anthony Carbone is 92.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Well work has interfered with movie life and this blog.

I have to work so many hours I will not be around here for about three days. Hopefully after that I can be adding some reviews here as I have a lot of things to catch up on when I am not working.

Also wanted to let everyone know that Aug. 29th is the date Kino has set for their Blu-ray release of "Legend Of Hillbilly John" which is easily a top release of the year.


I hadn't seen this film noir gem in years.

I wrote a review of this film back in 2012 after seeing a print off of a Mill Creek set, and now I have seen a better print from VCI and it really helps the film.

Erich Von Stroheim is Flamarion, an expert trick shooter whose partners in the act are Connie (Mary Beth Hughes) and Al Wallace (Dan Duryea).

Al drinks a lot and Connie is a manipulative bitch out for her own gain at the expense of everyone else. Connie wants Al out of her life and she decides to use Flamarion to get the job done.

Stroheim is perfect in the role as a sap who will do anything for the love of a woman which he has not had in 15 years. Connie has Al shot by Flamarion, then runs off to join another man.

Directed by Anthony Mann, this is a perfect example of what film noir should be. There is no happy ending for anyone and the more the film runs, the darker it gets.

I always get the idea this film isn't as well known as it should be nor has it been seen by nearly enough people. This film is stolen by Mary Beth Hughes who captures exactly what a film noir "dame" is all about. She destroys the lives if three men in an attempt to better her life.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend you check this little gem out.


Malcolm McDowell is 74.

Monday, June 12, 2017


Action packed serial from Republic.

Ralph Byrd stars as Dick Tracy who is working for the FBI and fighting a crime ring run by a mysterious man known only as The Spider.

The Spider is a villain with a gimp foot that kills anyone who even questions his motives. He captures Tracy's brother and turns him into a mindless criminal with the help of his sidekick Moloch.

Every chapter finds Tracy and his men going up against some evil plot of the Spider and it is a lot of fun. There were four Tracy serials made and soon the other three will be reviewed here.

If you're a serial fan I cannot recommend this enough. Byrd is perfect in the role of Tracy and after the serials ended he starred in a short lived TV show as the heroic detective.

The print from VCI is damn near flawless and looks better than I have ever seen this before. Check it out. VCI has the entire Tracy serial collection available in one set for a great price.


Shari Eubank is 70.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Underrated little horror thriller.

The simply stunning Britt Ekland stars as Elise, the young bride of a man named Paul (Hardy Kruger) who has a son named Marcus (Mark Lester).

Marcus is a bizarre child who may or may not have murdered his mother a few years back. Marcus has been kicked out of a private school for many different things, but according to the Headmaster (Harry Andrews), the killing of a cat proved to be the last straw.

Paul refuses to believe his son is as evil as Elise claims, but slowly Marcus is driving Elise crazy.

There are some great shots in this film, especially Ekland naked and the bizarre scenes of her and Lester kissing and her being naked around the child. But then again his character is not a child per say, he is a homicidal killer.

I enjoyed every minute of this film which I have never seen until now. This is the uncut version from VCI and it looks beautiful on Blu-ray.

If you haven't seen it I won't give away the twist ending, but it really caught me by surprise. Recommended!!


Adrienne Barbeau is 72.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

RIP ADAM WEST 1928-2017

Batman has died.

Adam West will ALWAYS be remembered for his role as Batman in the classic TV show which ran for three years and rocketed him to stardom.

Although West did have starring roles and supporting roles in many movies such as "The Outlaws Is Coming" with the Three Stooges, and "Voodoo Island" with Boris Karloff, Batman remained his mainstay.

I grew up watching the show and loved it. In fact I still do. I consider his portrayal of the Caped Crusader to be the only one worth a damn over the years.

Another of my childhood memories has passed on. West was 88 and died after a short battle with leukemia.


Tess Trueheart has passed away.

The actress best known to me as Tess Trueheart in the 1990 film Dick Tracy has died.

Her career was a varied one, but she was only in the one movie I remember as she was mainly in films and TV shows I have never watched.

She appeared in shows such as CSI and Grey's Anatomy. She was 62.


The classic sci-fi film from 1967 gets a Blu-ray release from Universal.

Francois Truffaut directed this thought provoking film from the novel of the same name by Ray Bradbury.

The story takes place in an oppressive future society where books are banned. There is a group of firemen who are called out to set fire to any books found. Oskar Werner stars as Montag, a fireman who is bored with his life after he meets a very friendly woman named Clarisse (Julie Christie).

She looks amazingly like his wife, also played by Christie, whom he is bored with. She is a conformist and sits around all day watching mindless junk on a huge flat screen TV.

Soon Montag begins collecting books and tries to catch up with a forbidden past. His wife is fed up and she actually turns him in and soon he is on the run.

Anton Differing has an excellent role as Fabian, a fellow fireman who does not like Montag and will do anything to see him fall.

Of course the book was better than the film, but this is still a very good movie and still very timely today as our society has become partly like this and getting worse all the time. I actually know people who would rather watch a big screen TV full of stupid people than read a good book.

I am sure most of the people reading this have seen the film, but it looks fantastic on Blu-ray and comes highly recommended!!


Elizabeth Hurley is 52, Luciana Paluzzi is 80,and Andrew Stevens is 62.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Interesting Greydon Clark action film.

A white ex-soldier from Vietnam goes to visit the father of his friend who was shot and killed. He has to travel to Watts, California and as soon as he arrives he finds trouble from all sides.

His dead friends brother Tom hates all whites and wants Clark's character of Jim to die as he does all white people. Jim also has to deal with white racist police officers played by Jock Mahoney and Aldo Ray.

Ten tension grows and grows and most of Tom's friends tell him he is headed for nothing but trouble with so much hate inside of him, but he doesn't listen.

Tom vows to kill Jim personally and soon he is hunting Jim with a rifle. The ending to the film is both bleak and not unexpected, and it kind of brings the film full circle to the opening which takes place in Vietnam.

Tom Jonigarn is excellent as Tom and his anger is very realistic and understandable. The movie really makes you think about things and I found the characters very well done by all involved.

I had never heard of this film before, but when I saw it on sale I just had to pick it up, and I can recommend it to every film fan or blaxploitation fan out there.


Marilyn Hanold is 79.

Thursday, June 8, 2017