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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Over the past few years there have been literally hundreds of movies about snakes and most have been fair to just awful and as with everything else in life sometimes everything just clicks and one is made that stands out above all others, and this film is one of them.
Corben Bernsen stars as the CEO of a big corporation that has bred genetically mutated, flesh eating snakes that get out of the lab and invade a small island in the pacific northwest.
Spunky Tara Reid is one of the people living on the island that fights for her life along with a new doctor that has arrived.
The snakes are all CGI but are very creepy and the effects are good. The tension builds slowly and finally giving you the climax you want.
This is how to make a very effective horror film in these modern times. Director Bill Corcoran does a very good job.

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