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Sunday, January 31, 2016


Finally got a chance to view this film the other day.

Robert Aldrich directed this western starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Sinatra is Zack Thomas and Martin is Joe Jarrett. The two manage to steal $100,000 dollars and crooks are always on their trail.

Charles Bronson is the main baddie in this film as he is a hired killer who tries to kill Thomas and Jarrett. The two men are aided by the gorgeous Anita Ekberg and the hotter than hell Ursula Andress.

The comedy is light an works in the story just fine and the Three Stooges even have small roles as a trio of idiots who deliver a naked portrait of Andress to the newly purchased riverboat casino that both men have bought. I enjoyed the laid back style and the fun that everyone working on the film seemed to have.

If you like westerns, you might like this little film that seems to have faded into slight obscurity. The supporting cast includes Jack Elam, Richard Jaeckel, Victor Buono, Mike mazurki, Wesley Addy, Virginia Christine, and Ellen Corby. Recommended!!

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