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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Well on Sept. 27th we will see the release of Vampires, Mummies and Monsters from Shout Factory as part of their Roger Corman Cult Classics series. This excellent 2 disc set has four movies on it which are Lady Frankenstein (finally available in a decent widescreen version), it also has the longer European version. The Velvet Vampire with Celeste Yarnall, Time Walker with Ben Murphey and Grotesque with the always lovely Linda Blair. This is very close to being the release of the year.
On Oct. 25th Criterion releases the long overdue Island Of Lost Souls from 1933 starring Bela Lugosi and Charles Laughton. Also on that date Shout Factory release another Roger Corman collection entitled Lethal Ladies and it is a three movie set with Firecracker with sexy Jillian Kesner, TNT Jackson with Jeannie Bell and finally Too Hot To Handle with gorgeous Cheri Caffaro. This promises to be another winner.

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