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Thursday, September 7, 2017


This was the first feature film for star Buster Crabbe in six years.

I had never heard of this film before I saw it on TCM. Crabbe is Chad Santee, a man who has just come out of serving six years in the Cavalry. He is heading west to meet up with his brother Jubal.

On the stage he meets Blackjack Silk (James Seay) and Rose Fargo (Ann Robinson). The stage is held up by a notorious gang of outlaws.

Santee decides to investigate the robbery as well as making time with Rose. He finally meets his brother Jubal (Neville Brand) and finds out to his shock that it's Jubal who is heading the criminal gang. This western has many different twists and turns and it's greatest asset is that it works the morality tale perfectly.

When Jubal and Chad decide to work together it becomes the glue that holds the entire movie together. Sidney Salkow directed this little obscure western gem. The movie giva me a warm fuzzy feeling because the supporting cast is made up of many great actors and actresses whom I am familiar with and really like.

They include Walter Sands, Slim Pickens, Michael Ansara, Lita Milan, Roy Barcroft and Dorothy Ford. If you're a western fan you might want to check this one out. I highly recommend it!!

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