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Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Yeah ok.

Another in a LLLOOOONNNNGGG line of shark movies produced for SYFY. This film actually makes "Gamera Vs. Viras" seem like a European Art Film!!

This disaster centers around a singles resort that is populated with young people who are only concerned with fitness, cell phones, selfies and the usual shit.

The "terror" starts when it's discovered that a strange poisonous shark is looking fir food in the nearby waters. This shark also has a horn on top of it's head that spews out green slime which is highly dangerous.

So dangerous is this green goop that it actually changes it's victims into shark zombies!!! I kid you not. This is the second shark movie I have watched on SYFY that failed to hold my interest.

It seems that modern low budget filmmakers have no concept how to tell a good story and they always use lousy CGI effects that look worse than anything made before it. I can only surmise that people who watch this turgid junk with regularity have no idea what real film making is.

Another in a long line of boring, inept modern horror films churned out for the masses without regard to quality or style. Thank god for films of the 20's thru the 80's so a film fan like me can have something to enjoy. Avoid this at all costs.

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