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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


An unforgettable film that is simply a MUST see for 50's film fans.

Sexy Allison Hayes stars as Nancy Archer, a woman with a bad marriage and a drinking problem. She tries to convince everyone she has seen a giant and his spaceship but everyone thinks she is crazy.

William Hudson is her cheating husband and lovely Yvette Vickers is Honey Parker, the town floozy that Hudson hangs out with. While out trying to find the giant or prove Nancy is crazy, Hudson's character of Harry and Nancy run smack into the monster who promptly takes Nancy. She is later found on the roof of the pool house.

Soon, because of the radiation she begins to grow and soon breaks out of her house and heads for the small town to find her husband. This is a sci-fi classic and I cannot RECOMMEND it enough.

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