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Sunday, February 9, 2014


A Cleo Moore fave.

Cleo Moore was one of the most beautiful women ever to appear in film, and it is sad her hand full of films are never talked about much.

In this film she plays a woman who works in a small eatery who sees the owner get 25,000 from an illegal transaction and decides to steal it because many years earlier he cheated he father out of a huge sum of money. She steals it, confesses her crime and is sent to jail for a short time.

Once released for good behavior she is employed as a waitress in a small restaurant and things seem to go down hill from there. Her boss, played by Hugo Haas needs money and she agrees to help him by telling him where she buried the money a few years before. After a while it appears he stole her money as well and so she goes to his apartment and clubs him over the hea with a bottle, apparently killing him, and things then get even more twisted.

I won't give away the ending, but this is good film noir with a twist. Cleo always looks good, and believe me in this film she looks hotter than hell. The rest of the cast includes Glenn Langan, Burt Mustin and Russ Conway. Thank God these are being released on DVD via Sony.

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