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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Many people consider the third season of the Twilight Zone to be when the show hit it's peak.

This season consisted of 37 episodes, and yes, some are the very best of the show ever.

TWO 9/15/61....Elizabeth Montgomery & Charles Bronson star as possibly the last two survivors of a war in the far furture.

THE ARRIVAL 9/22/61.....An FAA investigator must solve the riddle of a plane that has no pilot and passengers that lands at a New York airport. Harold J. Stone stars.

THE SHELTER 9/29/61...A very disturbing story about friends who viciously turn on one another in order to survive an impending nuclear attack. Jack Albertson stars.

THE PASSERSBY 10/6/61....On a road home from the civil war a soldier and a young woman discover everyone on the road is dead including themselves. James Gregory stars.

A GAME OF POOL 10/13/61...Jack Klugman is a pool shark who plays a game where is very soul is at stake. Jonathan Winters co-stars.

THE MIRROR 10/20/61...Peter Falk is a dictator of a small country who is given a mirror that tells him who his enemies are.

THE GRAVE 10/27/61...Scary as hell tale about a gunslinger (Lee Marvin) who makes a bet he can visit the grave of a vengeful dead killer. Strother Martin and Lee Van Cleef also star.

IT'S A GOOD LIFE 11/3/61...Billy Mumy is a small boy whose mind has terrifying powers. Probably the most remembered episode ever.

DEATHS HEAD REVISITED 11/10/61...A former SS captain returns to his old concentration camp and gets a terrifying surprise. Oscar Beregi stars.

THE MIDNIGHT SUN 11/17/61...The earth is moving closer to the sun and the heat is on to find a cooler place to live. Neat twist ending.

STILL VALLEY 11/24/61... Gary Merrill is a confederate soldier who has a chance to win the Civil War with witchcraft.

THE JUNGLE 12/1/61....A businessman returning from Africa is haunted by a Voodoo curse. John Dehner stars.

ONCE UPON A TIME 12/15/61...Buster Keaton stars in this comedy about time travel.

FIVE CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN EXIT 12/22/61...One of my personal favorites. Five people are trapped in a bizarre round room with no way out and no memory of how they got there.

A QUALITY OF MERCY 12/29/61....A soldier played by Dean Stockwell gets a new perspective on war when he is forced to experience it from the enemies point of view.

NOTHING IN THE DARK 1/5/62...Robert Redford is a injured cop cared for by an elderly lady who is afraid he is really Mr. Death.

ONE MORE PALLBEARER 1/12/62...An eccentric millionaire offers his bomb shelter to three people who wronged him...for a price.

DEAD MAN'S SHOES 1/19/62...A bum puts on a murdered mans shoes and suddenly "becomes" the dead gangster.

THE HUNT 1/26/62...An old hillbilly and his dog follow an unfamiliar road which might take them to Heaven. This is another of my favorites.

SHOWDOWN WITH RANCE MCGREW 2/2/62...Larry Blyden is a phony cowboy star who is taught a lesson by real gunfighters from the old west.

KICK THE CAN...2/9/62...An old man at a rest home believes he can be young again if he can play a child's game.

A PIANO IN THE HOUSE 2/16/62...Barry Morse is a cynical critic who fins that a piano makes people reveal their true selves.

LAST RITES OF JEFF MYRTLEBANK 2/23/62...Excellent tale of a young man who dies, but comes back to life. James Best is perfect for the role.

TO SERVE MAN...3/2/62...Aliens arrive on Earth proposing peace, but actually have a very different reason for coming here. An all time classic starring Lloyd Bochner.

THE FUGITIVE 3/9/62....An elderly man and a young child have a tight friendship until two men come looking for the man. Cute.

LITTLE GIRL LOST 3/16/62...A small child is lost in a bizarre fourth dimension in her home.

PERSON OR PERSON'S UNKNOWN 3/23/62...Richard Long is a man who wakes up one morning to find that nobody, even his wife doesn't recognize him. One of the best of the series.

THE LITTLE PEOPLE 3/30/62...Two astronauts land on a planet for repairs an find a race of microscopic people. Claude Aikens and Joe Moross star.

FOUR O' CLOCK 4/6/62...A man plans to shrink all evil people, but gets a big surprise.

HOCUS POCUS AND FRISBY 4/13/62...Andy Devine is a teller of tall tales who is kidnapped by aliens who believe his every word.

THE TRADE-INS 4/20/62....In a future world and elderly couple decide to trade in their bodies for younger ones. Joseph Schildkraut and Alma Platt star.

THE GIFT 4/27/62...An alien lands in a small Mexican village with a gift and is shot and hunted by the police.

THE DUMMY 5/4/62...Terrifying tale about a man, Cliff Robertson, who believes that his dummy, Willie is alive.

YOUNG MAN'S FANCY 5/11/62...A newly married couple find terror when they briefly return to the man's home in order to sell it.

I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC 5/18/62...Touching Ray Bradbury tale about a robot grandmother who cares for three children.

CAVENDER IS COMING 5/25/62...Carol Burnett stars as a klutz who is helped by a guardian angel.

CHANGING OF THE GUARD 6/1/62...Donald Pleasance is an aging teacher who is forced to retire. A very touching story.

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