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Friday, February 7, 2014


February 5th marked the 30th anniversary of the death of Santo, one of the most influential characters in pop culture to ever come along.

I have always loved Santo and will always be a huge fan. This film known as Santo Vs. The Riders Of Terror concerns lepers who escape from a leper colony in the old west and then are blame for thefts and killing that are really being committed by bandits using the lepers as cover.

Seeing Santo in the old west is a little jarring, but who really cares. These films are fantasy come to life an watching them requires you to have a little imagination. The leper make-up is very good and the print from VCI is as good as can be expected, but I did notice some odd connecting shots that seem to have been inserted into the film for reasons I cannot figure out.

This was one of the few Santo films I had never seen and was i entertained by it....damn right I was. The film has no sub titles, but again, you don't need them. VCI has turned out a lot of these in the last week or so and I recommend you get them all if you are a Santo fan, or Mexican movie lover.

Armando Silvestre co-stars along with Mary Montiel.

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