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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Very well made Toho film about alien invaders.

Invaders from space make a base on the Moon an attempt to take over the Earth. After some destruction, Earth sends two spaceships to the moon to investigate and stop the aliens.

There are some pretty cool battle in space while on the way to the moon, but the ships land anyway. The aliens take over the mind of one of the astronauts and forces him to sabotage the trip, which doesn't work.

After a few small battles on the Moon and an encounter with the aliens one of the ships is destroyed so all must return to Earth in one craft. The astronauts learn a way to defeat the aliens, so back on Earth all nations of the world work together to do just that.

The aliens attack earth and a spectacular battle ensues. After a while Earth defeats the aliens. The special effects are top notch for the time this was made, and director Ishiro Honda handles it all with his usual skill.

A very well made film that stands the test of time, I highly recommend this for any sci-fi fan. This has been reviewed here before when it was released by Columbia but now Mill Creek has included it in a set with five other features. The set is called "Vintage Sci-Fi". Check it out.

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