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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Just read something on a board that really pisses me off, and disheartens me a lot.

Some lame 20 something I presume since they are the ones who have absolutely NO RESPECT for anything. He was writing about the movie VARAN which was turned out by Media Blasters a few years ago. His complaint was that the film wasn't released in proper aspect ratio!!

These young people have no respect for anything. I feel we should all just be glad we are alive and able to watch these films that have been released on VHS and DVD and now Blu-ray.

I too wish some of these films were done correctly, but by God I am happy to see them no matter what. The problem is, half of these young assholes were born prior to the age when none of this existed. They seem to want everything prestine and perfect or they whine and bitch about it.

Back when I was growing up I had a small black and white TV and actually had to watch things on it!! What a shocker. There was also no way to time shift or record, so choices had to be made. These idiots today are so spoiled by technology that the appreciate nothing.

Who the hell cares about proper aspect ratio when that is all that is stopping you from watching the film?? I hardly find that a basis for not viewing. Get over it!! These films are still great no matter what, and I for one am very thankful to be able to see all this wonderful stuff.

You stupid spoiled young people have everything a person could want, and yet you still want more. You're not film fans, you're intellectually vapid zombies who can do nothing but whine. It's a shame that so many movie boards are polluted with their garbage.

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