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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Very strange film indeed.

A widowed mother lives with her son in a very dull and depressing home in which she tries to cope with the loss of her husband and the child acts out fantasies of fighting monsters.

One night they read a strange book entitled Mr. Babadook and soon it becomes apparent that the monster from the book has inhabited their home. The child reacts with sheer terror and the mother tries to deny it's existence.

This truly has some scares in it and most of it is well done. Director Jennifer Kent handles the material well and she knows how to get the most out of her actors.Essie Davis is Amelia, the mother who seems to never get over the death of her husband and who now must fight a bizarre supernatural creature.

We never see the babadook much, but that adds to the terror. The unseen is always more frightening. The director says the monster was copied from pictures of Lon Chaney, Sr. in "London After Midnight".

For a modern horror film it isn't too bad, and I would recommend it to any horror fan.


  1. I bought this when it came out and it is still collecting dust on the shelf. Since you give it such a good recommendation I will check this out when I get back from vacation. Thanks!

    1. It's not too bad. As I said, a horror fan may enjoy it. It does have some creepy moments.