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Monday, December 5, 2016


The sequel to one of the most infamous films of all time.

The ads would have you believe that this was banned in 19 countries, but I don't believe that for a second.

This film does not really have the impact of the first one, but it is shocking and somewhat violent for it's time.

Anton Differing and Reggie Nalder star as "witch hunters" who travel the country and finding people they accuse of witchcraft. They kill those people to gain political power and money for the church.

Gorgeous Erica Blanc is a Countess whose child is accused of being a "devil spawn". The Countess vows revenge for this, but is arrested along with a nun who befriended her son.

The Nun is tortured, raped and burned at the stake for her "crimes" and the Countess is tortured on the rack for a confession. She and her son are sentenced to death but the jailer lets them both out as an act of kindness.

The quality of the print from Sinister is excellent and if witch hunting films are your cup of tea, you might like this. As with the fist one, the major criminals in the film never gets their dues, but that is how it works, even today.

Not a bad film at all, and I can easily recommend it.

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