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Friday, December 2, 2016


One of my all time favorite films finally comes to DVD.

This classic film noir stars Robert Ryan as Nick Scanlon, a top syndicate man who runs an entire city that is slowly being taken over by a huge crime syndicate.

Needless to say Scanlon won't play by their rules. To make matters worse for him, a police Captain names McQuigg (Robert Mitchum)is hounding him as well.

Scanlon wants McQuigg out of the way and will do whatever it takes. On top of all this a crime commission has been formed to put the syndicate out of business.

There is plenty of murder and deception as Scanlon finds his one man empire crumbling as the pressure mounts. Ryan and Mitchum play well off of each other, and when you have Lizabeth Scott as the love interest you have the making of a film noir classic.

The rest of the cast includes Ray Collins, William Talman, Robert Hutton and William Conrad.

Warner Archives should be commended for bringing this excellent film to DVD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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