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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


This is one of my favorite shows of all time. When it first came on the air I was 13 and I was not very interested as I had other things that interested me more, but a couple of years later I started watching the show and it quickly grew on me.

Ahh the 70's. The best times of my life are there and it was an era I will never forget.

The first season starred Kate Jackson (Sabrina), Jaclyn Smith (Kelly) and Farrah Fawcett (Jill). David Doyle was around as Bosley, the man who hired the angels for the mysterious millionaire Charles Townsend who was never seen but you heard his voice every week.

The pilot movie for this aired on March 21, 1976 an it was picked up for a series the following fall.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS 3/21/76....Pilot movie for the series in which a winegrower disappears and three beautiful detectives are brought in to solve the case.

HELLRIDE 9/22/76....The Angels investigate the death of a race car driver to find out if it was a accident or sabotage.

THE MEXICAN CONNECTION 9/29/76....Very well made episode about the Angels infiltrating a heroine ring and finding a mysterious smuggler named Escobar.

NIGHT OF THE STRANGLER 10/13/76....Bizarre episode about a killer who uses a rag doll to strangle women.

ANGELS IN CHAINS 10/20/76....One of the highest rated episodes! The Angels go undercover in a prison to find out who is killing the female inmates.

TARGET: ANGELS 10/27/76...After several attempts on their lives, the Angels are forced to take refuge in the mansion of their wealthy boss, Charles Townsend.

THE KILLING KIND 11/3/76....The Angels investigate the death of a reporter who was working of a story about corruption involving a business called Moonshadow.

TO KILL AN ANGEL 11/10/76...An autistic boy that Kelly has been visiting accidentally shoots her with a gun he has found, and to make matters worse two killers are looking for the boy.

LADY KILLER 11/24/76.....two centerfolds are killed while working in a business called Tony Mann's Feline Club, so the Angels are called in to investigate.

BULLSEYE 12/1/76....The Angels join the WACS to find a military killer.

CONSENTING ADULTS 12/8/76...A woman hires the Angels to find her missing son, but that turns out to be only the beginning of a case involving blackmail, prostitution and murder.

THE SEANCE 12/15/76....Bizarre episode in which a murder plot involves giving Kelley a post hypnotic suggestion. We also learn she was abused as a child by her nanny.

ANGELS ON WHEELS 12/22/76... A Roller Derby champ is killed and Jill joins the team to investigate. One of the best episodes made.

ANGEL TRAP 1/5/77...The Angels are assigned to stop a killer named Jericho and Jill finds that the killer does have a very tender side as well.

THE BIG TAP OUT 1/12/77...The Angels set a trap for a compulsive gambler using stolen money.

ANGELS ON A STRING 1/19/77...Charlie has given the Angels three days off with pay for their hard work, but soon they are sidetracked by the kidnapping of the politician that Sabrina idolizes.

DIRTY BUSINESS 2/5/77..A film lab is the victim of an arson attempt but the owner is reluctant to tell the Angels why.

THE VEGAS CONNECTION 2/9/77...The Angels investigate a man who hires women for a Las Vegas chorus line as a front for prostitution.

TERROR ON WARD ONE 2/16/77...The Angels investigate a mysterious death in a mental health facility. Another very well made episode.

DANCING IN THE DARK 2/23/77...The Angels must break up a blackmail scheme coming from a dance studio. Jill goers undercover as a disco dancer, while Kelly poses as a blackmailer and Sabrina a wealthy woman who wants dance lessons.

I WILL BE REMEMBERED 3/9/77...Ida Lupino guest stars as an actress who is being driven insane in a bizarre "gaslight" scheme.

ANGELS AT SEA 3/23/77...The Angels and Bosley work on a case involving the deaths of several people on a cruise ship, but they find they are all involved in a situation that may be more than they can handle.

THE BLUE ANGELS 5/4/77...The Angels are called in to investigate corruption in a vice squad.

Thus ended the first season. The rating were thru the roof and Farrah Fawcett-Majors was a major phenomenon. As I said earlier, I didn't watch this show in it's initial first until season 2, but oh my, did I know who the Angels were.

This was back when TV was for entertainment not political gain. There were no special interest groups demanding to be made into characters on the show. I do not defend my liking of this show and why. It is what it is.

This entire series of five years was released on disc by Sony in a 27 disc edition, and I do highly recommend it for any fan of the show.

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