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Thursday, April 2, 2015


I had a long weekend so I watched three of my faves.

LADY FRANKENSTEIN 1971 (SHOUT FACTORY)...Joseph Cotton is Frankenstein who is attempting to create life and when his lovely daughter returns from school she is ready to push his experiments even further.

Gorgeous Rosalba Neri is the daughter and she is looking to do transplants. When she falls in love with a crippled man she vows to transplant his brain inside the body of a strong farm hand that she also likes. Meanwhile, the creation of her father kills the good doctor and then runs through the countryside killing others.

Mickey Hargitay is the police investigator who looks for the monster. This is a great and wild film to watch. Shout Factory released this is the longest version possible and with three other classic films

ATTACK OF THE FIFTY FOOT WOMAN 1958 (WARNER)... Lovely Allison Hayes stars as a woman irradiated from contact with a giant alien. She then grows to enormous size and takes revenge on her cheating husband. A cult classic if there ever was one, this one gets the highest recommendation.

WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST 1958 (LIONSGATE)....Thank go this film finally came out on DVD. This is the sequel to the still unreleased "Amazing Colossal Man", and we all know why that hasn't seen the light of day yet. Dean Parkins takes over the role of Glen Manning, who was thought to have died when shot with a bazooka and falling off of Hoover Dam in the original film.

This film picks up with Glen's sister looking into the disappearance of several vehicles in Mexico and wondering if they are gone because of her gigantic brother. They soon find the colossal man alive and take him to California.

As usual he escapes and goes on the rampage. He finally grabs a high tension wire and electrocutes himself into oblivion. The ending was shot in color and is a welcome addition to the DVD. Typical 50's fare and a highly recommended film. This was an excellent way to spend a weekend afternoon.

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