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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Finally, another classic 50's sci-fi film hits Blu-ray.

This was issued in 2003 on it's 50th anniversary and now it has come to Blu-ray and this film never looked better.

Paul Christian stars as a scientist who sees a huge prehistoric monster while charting the after effects of an atomic explosion in the Arctic. Nobody will believe him, of course.

After several mysterious happenings along the east coast it becomes clear that something is amiss. An elderly scientist, expertly played by Cecil Kellaway, goes down in a diving bell and is killed by the monster. Shortly thereafter it appears and goes on a very destructive rampage thru New York.

The rest of the cast includes Paula Raymond, Ken Tobey (in a perfect role), Lee Van Cleef and Donald Woods. The Ray Harryhausen effects are better than ANY CGI garbage that is used today. I love it when 50's sci-fi and horror films arrive on Blu-ray, and this is a very welcome addition to any collection.

The same extras are carried over from the 2003 release. I hope Warners will continue to release more films like this on Blu-ray. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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