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Sunday, November 22, 2015


Word has reached me that one of the kings of Mexican cinema has passed away.

Robles was a legend in Mexico and had a huge following here in the US as well. He was a writer and director, but as an actor he made his mark in many Mexican horror films.

Robles became a name in the US thanks to showman K. Gordon Murray who bought many Mexican horror films and distributed them thru the US. He was Nostradamus in several films including "GENII OF DARKNESS" and "MONSTER DEMOLISHER" as well as co-starring in the all time classic film "THE BRAINIAC".

His most famous role was that of Count Karol de Lavud in "The Vampire" and it's sequel "VAMPIRE'S COFFIN". Robles acted in many things not seen in America, and it is a good thing we have a small portion of his body of work to enjoy. He will be missed.

Robles was 86.

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