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Monday, December 28, 2015


One of my favorite films comes to Blu-ray fully uncut and looking like a million dollars. And it is very fitting that the little review for this film is my 5000th post on this Blog.

Dr. Bill Cortner has an automobile accident and his beautiful girlfriend is decapitated. He takes her head back to his lab and keeps it alive in a pan while he desperately fries to find another sexy body to put the head on.

At his lab is a crippled assistant and a mysterious "thing" locked in a closet. Jan, the body-less woman makes a connection with the thing in the closet while the doctor is searching for bodies.

The ending of this film is somewhat shocking for 1959 as the crippled assistant has his good arm ripped from it's socket and he bleeds to death and the good doctor also meets a grisly fate from the "thing".

This film is unfairly maligned by many fans of the genre. It may not be the best film of it's kind, but it is one of the most entertaining and it is never boring. I was first introduced to this film on back in the 70's when it aired on KCPX on a show called NIGHTMARE THEATER.

Shout has done an excellent job of bringing this gem to Blu-ray. Included is the MST3K version, a photo gallery, theatrical trailer and commentary from Steve Haberman and Tony Sasso as well as an alternate scene from the international version. A great release that sadly didn't make it in time for my Top 50 of 2015, but is really in the running for the 2016 picks. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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