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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


One of George Romero's best films.

Romero brings to vision of King Arthur to life in this wonderful story about a motorcycle riding troupe of entertainers who life the Camelot lifestyle and perform jousting and such on their bikes.

Tom Savini turns in a great acting job as Morgan, the Black Knight. Ed Harris is King William, a man of very deep conviction. So deep he won't change one little bit for the troupe that is slowly falling apart due to outside influence i.e. the public's love for violence, publicity in magazines and promoters wanting to take them to the big city.

There are no bad performances in this film and the stunts are all well done. It is a timeless classic about love, honor, trust, betrayal and much more. Romero proved with this film that he is an excellent filmmaker who shouldn't be pigeonholed into just horror films.

Some of the faces in this film are very familiar including Scott Reiniger, Ken Foree, Christine Romero, and Patricia Tallman. The rest of the steller cast includes Gary Lahti, Amy Ingersoll as Lady Linet, Warner Shook, John Amplas and ken Hixon. One of the standout performances is given by Brother Blue as Merlin.

Merlin has a very spiritual relationship with King William and both Blue and Harris play it very, very well. For some reason this film is still largely ignored by people, even Romero fans, and that sucks. This film should have a much wider reputation than it does.

One of the best films ever made, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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