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Monday, December 7, 2015


The first in the series of four films dealing with the cult of undead zombies known as The Knights Templar.

The Knights rise from their tombs every night seeking victims. Their first victim is a young woman who leaves a train after her friend makes moves on her female friend. She is determined to spend the night alone, only to have the Knights rise from the dead and drink her blood.

Her friend Betty(Lone Fleming) and her friend go looking for Virginia, and when her body, which has bites all over it is discovered this leads to an investigation that eventually leads everyone back to the abandoned temple where the Knights are buried.

Human stupidity and the zombies cause the death of everyone involved except for Betty who escapes on a train by hiding in the coal car. The Knights board the train and slaughter everyone on board, and this leads to some of the most shocking scenes in the film and a great ending.

Amando de Ossorio directed all four of the films in this series, and he really shows he has a flair for this kind of material. The women are all beautiful, as is usual in Spanish horror films, and the death scenes of the Knights claiming victims still have a great impact today.

I finally got to see the fully uncut version with this DVD which comes in a set shaped like a coffin. Highly Recommended!!

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