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Thursday, December 31, 2015


This is the next to last season for the classic TV show and there was one change made for this year.

Shelley Hack was the new girl in the cast and she was brought in to replace Kate Jackson. Season 4 had some memorable episodes as well as some not so memorable ones. Here they are...

LOVE BOAT ANGELS 9/12/79....Tiffany Wells joins the Townsend Agency to replace Sabrina who has quit to get married and start a family. The angels travels on the love Boat to capture an art thief.

ANGELS GO TRUCKING 9/19/79....Kris and Tiffany go to trucking school to investigate why merchandise is being stolen from an all female trucking company.

AVENGING ANGEL 9/26/79....Cameron Mitchell stars as a madman released from prison who seeks revenge on Kelly.

ANGELS AT THE ALTER 10/3/79....Kelly is the maid of Honor at her friends wedding where several attempts have been made on the grooms life.

FALLEN ANGEL 10/10/79....Farrah Fawcett guests on this episode about a jewel thief who also happens to be in love with former angel Jill Monroe. Timothy Dalton stars.

CAGED ANGEL 10/31/79....Kris goes undercover in a women's prison to ferret out a gang of jewel thieves.

ANGELS ON THE STREET 11/7/79....A young music teacher is beaten up by a violent pimp and the angels go undercover as prostitutes to investigate. Richard Lynch stars.

THE PRINCE AND THE ANGEL 11/14/79....Farrah Fawcett guest stars again as Jill Monroe. In this episode Jill is romanced by a European crown prince.

ANGELS ON SKATES 11/21/79....A young girl is kidnapped while skating on Venice Beach and the angels investigate.

ANGELS ON CAMPUS 11/28/79....two young women from Tiffany's sorority have been kidnapped and sold into a white slave market. Gary Collins and Nita Talbot star.

ANGEL HUNT 12/5/79....The angels are lured to a small island so an old enemy of Charlie's can hunt them down one by one.

CRUISING ANGELS 12/12/79....Criminals plan on using Charlie's new boat the "Wayward Angel" to transport a load of gold bullion. Beverly Garland stars.

OF GHOSTS AND ANGELS 1/2/80.... Tiffany has a recurring dream involving a murder.

ANGEL'S CHILD 1/9/80....Kelly discovers that the detective she is working with on a case takes his rage out on his young son. Simon Oakland stars.

ONE OF OUR ANGELS IS MISSING 1/16/80....Kris poses as a rich divorcee to find out why a man skipped out on a parole hearing.

CATCH A FALLING ANGEL 1/23/80....The angels investigate the disappearence of a man who went to the city to look for his girlfriend, now a porn star.

HOMES SWEET HOMES 1/30/80....The angels investigate a Real Estate company that is linked to several burglaries.

DANCIN ANGELS 2/6/80....Disappearance and a murder at a ballroom brings the angels in to find the killer.

HARRIGAN'S ANGELS 2/20/80....The angels team up with an alcoholic detective to investigate robberies at an electronics plant.

AN ANGEL'S TRAIL 2/27/80....The final guest shot of Farrah Fawcett. This time Jill walks in on a robbery and is taken hostage.

NIPS AND TUCKS 3/5/80....A renowned plastic surgeon is suspected of altering the faces of criminals. Louis Jourdan, Tab Hunter and the always sexy Joanna Pettet star.

THREE FOR THE MONEY 3/12/80....The Townsend Agency is hired by three people who have been swindled by con man Harley Dexter. The angels concoct a three pronged attack to get even.

TONI'S BOYS 4/2/80....After a failed attempt on the lives of the angels, Charlie hires a rival detective agency run by his old friend Antonia Blake to keep an eye on the angels. Barbara Stanwyck stars as Toni. This also stars Robbert Loggia.

ONE LOVE: TWO ANGELS PART 1 4/30/80.... Kelly is contacted by an investigator and told she might be the long lost daughter of millionaire Oliver Barrows. Kelly is very skeptical and asks the angels to look into it. Rober Reed and Ray Milland star.

ONE LOVE: TWO ANGELS PART 2 5/7/80....Bill Cord falls in love with both Kris and Kelly causing a rift in the Townsend Agency. Patrick Duffy stars.

Some of the actors and actresses who appeared in these episodes made them even more enjoyable. There were a few lackluster episodes, but if you're a fan of the show, you really won't care. Shelley Hack didn't return after this season, and season five started much later in the 1980 TV season, which is a sure sign things were coming to an end.

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