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Sunday, July 23, 2017


A groundbreaking TV show has been rescued from oblivion.

Beverly Garland stars as Policewoman Casey Jones in this excellent series that ran for 39 episodes.

This was an attempt to make a serious police show and the producers succeeded very well. If you watch it you will be reminded of Dragnet as the character of Jones talks directly to the camera at the end of every episode.

The 39 episodes are well written and some of the actors that appear include Zorah Lampert, Peter Falk and many, many more. I had seen a few of the episodes on discount discs before and the quality wasn't too hot.

Now Film Chest has rescued this show from oblivion and all of the episodes look fantastic. The three disc set also includes a very cool little booklet about the show, an episode guide and a guide to some of the actual new York locations the show was shot at.

If you're a fan of vintage TV, I would highly recommend this show. Also I can't see any Beverly Garland fan passing it by. Check it out.

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