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Thursday, July 27, 2017

RIP JUNE FORAY 1917-2017

The voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel has died.

The woman who provided the voices for some of my favorite cartoons has died at the age of 99.

Foray began her career in voices on a 1943 short called The Egg Cracker Suite and her future was set. She voiced hundreds of character from Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha, all the way up to the Simpsons and beyond.

I don't think there is a person alive who hasn't at one point or another heard her voice on some animated show somewhere. A small sample of her work would include The Bugs Bunny Show, Yogi Bear, Beetle Bailey, Mr. Magoo and much more.

A couple of Twilight Zone episodes also featured her voice and those were Living Doll and The Bewitchin' Pool. Her talents were many and she helped form my cartoon addiction. RIP June.

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