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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


When I watch a movie like this I am taken back to a great past and also realize a lot of the people I worked with in this business are now gone.

Clint Eastwood stars in this action film from Michael Cimino. Filmed in various Montana locations, this box office smash revolves around a man named Thunderbolt (he earned that nickname after a daring robbery using an anti-tank gun seven years earlier) who happens upon a young drifter named Lightfoot (Jeff Bridges).

Thunderbolt is being dogged by two men who helped him in his robbery 7 years ago and they think he has taken all the money for himself, when in reality he hasn't, but he suspects where it is hidden.

The two men are Red Leary (George Kennedy) a foul tempered and nasty man and Eddie Goody (Geoffrey Lewis) a timid driver. Both catch up to Lightfoot and Thunderbolt, and the four decide to try robbing the Montana Armory just as they did seven years ago.

Lightfoot is new to the gang and Leary hates him for being so brash and young. They get various jobs around town and save their money and make their plans. They manage to actually pull off the robbery, but right after it is done things begin to fall apart quickly.

Goody is shot and Leary throws him out of a car and then double crosses Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. For being made in 1974 this film has a lot of film noir aspects and director Cimino knows how to touch on those very well. The very sad and downbeat ending is perfect and taken right from 40's filmmaking.

The supporting cast is wonderful and includes Dub Taylor, Catherine Bach, Gary Busey, Jack Dodson, Vic Tayback, Gregory Walcott, and the incredibly gorgeous Claudia Lennear in her only screen role.

This was filmed 5 years before I started working with UA and Cimino, but many of the people involved with this film both in front and behind the camera became friends of mine and it's shocking to know how many have actually passed on. A Highly Recommended film for action film fans.


  1. This is one of my favorite Eastwood movies. Too bad Clint and Jeff Bridges never worked together again but there is still hope.

  2. So did you work on Heaven's Gate?

    1. Yes that was the first film I worked on and I managed to make a small career out of it for a while.