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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Another Fred Olen Ray gem, and I mean that in a good way.

I was first introduced to this film during the boom of VHS and have always liked it.

Gorgeous Sandy Brooke is Taura who is arrested for a crime she didn't commit and sent to a prison ship and run by a maniacal lesbian warden.

Taura proves herself to her fellow inmates, including Mike (Susan Stokey), and both plot their escape. The plot is very simple and basic, but Ray uses it to his best advantage, which is usually the case.

All of the Ray regulars are in this film as well including Ross Hagen as Bantor ( a character who is bat-shit crazy), Dawn Wildsmith, John Carradine, Bobbi Bresee, Danita Aljuwani, beautiful Jade Barrett as Dr. Po, Johnny Legend and Aldo Ray as "The Inquisitor". I could never figure out why Jade Barrett didn't have a longer career unless she chose not to act anymore.

Anyhow, this film moves along well and has all the welcome Ray trappings including mutant monsters, beautiful women in very little clothing and over the top characters.

Watching films from Ray is like welcoming an old friend one hasn't seen in a while. I am glad Kino decided to release this and I hope they release more Ray titles soon. Recommended!!

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