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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Simply one of the best Mexican films ever made!! If you like bizarre horror, then this is for you. Abel Salazar stars as Baron Vitelius Of Estera, a man accused of witchcraft and executed in 1661. He is burned alive but vows to come back three hundred years later when a comet appears in the sky and then he will take revenge on the ancestors of those who executed him.
300 years later a comet apppears and he does indeed come back, but as a face pulsating long forked tongue monster that sucks out human brains!!
Some of the movie is shot on sets which consist of photo backgrounds as the actors stand in front on them, and it looks very odd, but it will hold your attention.
I could go on for pages and pages about this movie and how our antagonist gets revenge but you've got to see the film to fully appreciate it.
Salazar produced this film as well, and did many, many other Mexican wonders. Also in the cast are German Robles and the gorgeous Ariadna Welter. The print is gorgeous and I Highly recommend this title to any horror fan.

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