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Sunday, December 11, 2011

TOP 40 DVD RELEASES OF 2011 (40-31)

This is my official Top 40 Genre releases on DVD for the year of 2011. This is the first of four weekly segments I will post. So here we go..... There was a lot of sleaze classics and some great contemporary films as well as classic sci-fi that came out during the year. It started out slow, but it ended with a bang.

40. Teenage Hitchhikers/Teenage Tramp (Code Red) Maria Kanellis hosts this bizarre and sleaze double feature of sex and violence.

39. Riot On 42nd Street/Bad Girls Dormitory (Code Red) Sexy Maria Kanellis hosts two films from director Tim Kincade, and again it's full of sex and violence, as only Kincade can give.

38. Guns, Girls and G Strings (Mill Creek) Three disc set featuring all 12 of Andy Sadaris' great films featuring such gorgeous actresses as Hope Marie Carlton, Julie Strain and many others. It has been way too long for all these to be made available again. Thanks Mill Creek.

37. Lady In Red/Crazy Mama (Shout Factory) Another great entry in the line from Shout that is entitled Roger Corman's Cult Classics. Pamela Sue Martin and Robert Conrad star in Lady in Red, a story about the woman who helped being down John Dillinger. Cloris Leachman is Crazy Mama in this wild tale of a woman who goes on a kidnapping and murder spree. More great stuff.

36. School Girl Hitchhikers (Redemption) More hitchhiker madness in this French film from Jean Rollin about two young girls caught up in a web of theft and murder. Some real sadistic stuff goes on in this gem.

35. Big Bad Mama/Big Bad Mama 2 (Shout Factory)  Angie Dickinson stars in both film which turned out to be giant hits for Corman's New World Pictures. These are both depression era stories of robbing, kidnapping and lots of great bootlegging and gunfights.

34. Disappearance of Alice Creed (Anchor Bay) Bizarre and disturbing film about a young girl who is kidnapped and how the entire plot gets turned around for one of the most bizarre endings ever. Highly entertaining and a sort of film noir for this day and age. Gemma Arterton stars as the young Alice, and is very sexy in the role.

33. Chained Heat/Red Heat/Jungle Warriors (Panik House) Three classic WIP film witht he first two starring Linda Blair and the last one with Sybil Danning as a sadist. These films are very rare and this DVD presentation is a very welcome addition to anyones WIP collection.

32. Machete (Fox) Danny Trejo stars in this film that was originally a trailer in the movie Grindehouse. Gory, sexy and funny, this film is a true exploitation classic from Robert Rodriguez.

31. El Aseino Enmascarado/El Charro De Las Calaveras (Lions Gate) Excellent double feature of mexican horror about a masked killer and then the second feature involves a lot of weird monsters. Lots of fun in this double feature of black and white mexican horror.

To be continued.......

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