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Saturday, January 31, 2015


The WWE finally put out a 3 disc DVD set of this very popular and talented wrestler.

I have watched Sting's career since the very beginning and while some of these are hardly "the best", they are all entertaining and should please any wrestling fan.

Steve Borden started his career in the mid 80's and found a home in the NWA and then in WCW, in which he stayed for his entire career until the WCW went out of business in 2001. His loyalty is what endured him to many. His persona of "Sting" developed and he became a superstar.

Some of the matches include his classic confrontations with Vader and Ric Flair as well as The Great Muta and Ron Simmons. The last disc of this three disc set includes many matches when Sting was battling the NWO an when he joined the "Black and Red Wolfpack".

This is classic stuff not to be missed by any fan. When this was released it came in under my radar and I actually found this by accident. I am surprised the WWE didn't trumpet this out loudly.

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