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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Randolph Scott returns in another great western.

Scott is Capt. David Porter who lives with his very frustrated wife Norah, played by Phyllis Kirk. She is frustrated because they live on an army base where she has no friends and no hope of meeting any.

Porter is a Texan who must arrest his own people who have been at a constant war with carpetbaggers. He is to arrest a man he knows is innocent and by refusing to do so he becomes a wanted man himself.

Lex Barker is Capt. Bill Hodges, a man Norah has known since childhood. When he is assigned to the base Porter finds he has even more trouble, but that is taken care of when Norah resists his advances and Porter beats the crap out of him.

Again, this is a great western. It is full of action and adventure, plus Scott makes every film he is in interesting. Charles McGraw is Ben Westman, the leader of the Texans who are against carpetbaggers. He does his usual fine job as well. The rest of the cast includes Henry Hull, Elisha Cook, Jr., Fess Parker and Mark Dana.

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