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Sunday, February 28, 2016


An old fashioned monster movie...sort of.

I had forgotten how much fun this film was, especially in the last 20 minutes or so. J. Eddie Peck is a young man who is bitten on the hand by what first appears to be a regular snake.

He is treated by a local man and released, but soon bad things start to happen. he begins to feel sick, has a very short temper and even slaps the hell out of his girlfriend Lisa (Jill Schoelen).

Soon things get even worse as his hand mutates. It was a radioactive snake that bit him so his hand is slowly changing into a huge snake head that kills people. In a desperate act he actually cuts off the hand, but it grows back and he also starts throwing up snakes of all kinds.

The final 20 minutes are a special effects extravaganza from artist Screaming Mad George, and it will hold your attention. A lot of bad raps have been given to this film, but it isn't as bad as most people say. Yes, there are plenty of plot loopholes, but what the hell, it's a movie to be enjoyed.

It has no relation to the film entitled "The Curse" but it is on the same Blu-ray. This is a recommended film from me anyway.

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