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Sunday, February 21, 2016


A fine film noir.

Alan Ladd is Johnny Morrison, an ex bomber pilot who returns from the war and soon finds himself hunted as the suspected killer of his wife.

His two war buddies George Copeland (Hugh beaumont) and Buzz Wancheck (William Benddix, in an unforgettable performance) try to help him out when suddenly Johnny goes on the lamb and meets a young woman, Joyce Harwood, who picks Johnny up while he is walking in a downpour.

Joyce slowly discovers Johnny's plight and helps him whenever she can. In the meantime Johnny runs into many unsavory characters and it soon becomes apparent that his wife was killed because she was messing around with the wrong people. Buzz meanwhile has severe mental problems due to the steel plate in his head.

There are a lot of red herrings in the plot and that is what makes film noir so good. Ladd and Veronica Lake as Harwood make an exceptional team. I cannot recommend this movie enough. If you're a fan of film noir, this is a sure bet.

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