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Friday, February 26, 2016


One of the most famous films ever made.

Humphrey Bogart stars as Sam Spade in this classic film noir. Spade is a private detective who takes on a case involving a couple of very odd criminals, a compulsive liar and a very valuable statue.

Peter Lorre as Joel Cairo and Sidney Greenstreet as Kaspar Gutman steal the show as the two work together perfectly. Elisha Cook, Jr. has an unforgettable role as Wilmer Cook, a cold blooded killer who, when he meets Spade want to kill him immediately.

Mary Astor is Brigid, a compulsive liar and woman who also wants the priceless Falson for herself. This was John Huston's film directing debut, and it has since become a well known classic film.

Everything in the film work perfectly and the actors really make you believe in the roles they are playing. Bogart is in top form and so is the rest of the cast which also includes Gladys George, Barton MacLane, and Ward Bond.

This is simply how movies should be made. A top notch effort all the way.

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