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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


A zombie film made near Pittsburgh.

Bill Hinzman who was the first zombie seen in "Night Of The Living Dead" made his own zombie film.

The zombie is accidentally unleashed when a farmer uncovers a coffin on his property an out pops a living dead man to bite the farmer. A group of young people on a hayride stumble upon the just starting zombie apocalypse and are picked off one by one.

The army of undead quickly grows and soon it is up to the military and local authorities to try and stop it. The film isn't bad in terms of presentation and it will hold your attention. the gore effects are ok for a film of this type. Hinzman is the only professional actor and the young cast does ok with the material. Also look quickly for Vince Survinski, again from the original "Night" as a posse member who again kills innocents thinking they are zombies.

Clearly Hinzman was trying to live off of his lasting fame as he even wear the same suit he had on in the Romero film. Check it out, you might like it.

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