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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Fun little homage to 50's monster films.

Jim Wynorski directed this great little film about a giant gila monster roaming the open Texas countryside.

Brian Gross plays Chase Winstead, a young man who is working hard to support his mother and his crippled sister, who suddenly fins himself in a fight against a huge monster. The great music score helps give this film a very nostalgic feeling.

This is basically the same plot of the original 1959 film, but a few changes have been made, of course. A hugely enjoyable creature feature that should be seen by all monster fans, and yes, we do get the mushroom song at the end of the film. The effect of the giant monster is very good, but as usual, the CGI blood effects leave a lot to be desired.

The cast also includes Chase Adams, Adrienne Atkins and Bruce Munson. SEE IT!!

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