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Saturday, November 8, 2014


One of the most unusual films ever made by Roger Corman.

This is a great little Corman film that seems to be neglected by most horror fans.

Shot in an empty supermarket, this little film involves a prostitute, played by Pamela Duncan, who is transported by a doctor to her former life in the middle ages. There she was a woman accused of being a witch awaiting to be beheaded.

Richard Garland is Pendragon, the man who loves her, Mel Wells is Smolkin, the slightly deranged gravedigger, Billy Barty is am Imp, Bruno VeSota is an innkeeper who loses his head, Richard Devon is Satan and all are very goo, but the absolute standout is Allison Hayes as Livia, who may be the sexiest witch to EVER appear on the screen.

For all of it's low budget faults, Allison makes the film hers and once seen is not forgotten. If you haven't seen this film I think you should. It's well worth the effort to find it.

Val Dufour is the scientist who sends Duncan back an then gets a big surprise. Recommended!!

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