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Monday, November 10, 2014


A true Larry Buchanan classic.

This is a TV remake of "Day The World Ended" an believe it or not it does stand on it's own merits. After the world has been almost entirely wiped out by nuclear war, seven people gather in an isolated house and try to survive.

Neil Fletcher is John Ramsey, a former military man who has made the house livable for he and his daughter, played by Charla Doherty. Soon other show up including Steve Morrow, played by Paul Peterson and before you know it they are fighting amongst themselves as well as mutants for their very lives.

The monster is pretty cool looking and stalks around looking for victims. Quinn O' Hara is Jada, and is easily the sexiest woman a man would like to be with when the end comes. If you've seen the original you know the story.

I read a lot of negative things about this film, but it is miles better than most of the garbage produced these days. I would recommend it. The print from Brentwood is as good as I have seen this film.

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