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Sunday, November 16, 2014


This fifth an final season of the excellent Twilight Zone gave us 36 episodes.

Some of the episodes were top notch, most were good, and there were, of course a few that were mediocre. They are as follows....

In Praise of Pip 9/27/63....An alcoholic father wishes he had been better to his son who is dying in Korea. Jack Klugman stars.

Steel 10/4/63....In a future world where boxing has been outlawed, a penniless manager must fight in place of his robot fighter. Lee Marvin stars.

Nightmare At 20,000 Feet 10/11/63....William Shatner stars as a man who sees a monster on the wing of a plane he is on. This is an all time classic show that once seen is never forgotten.

A Kind Of Stopwatch 10/18/63....A man gets a magical stopwatch that actually stops all time, but he learns a very bitter lesson.

The Last Night Of A Jockey 10/25/63....Mickey Rooney stars as a jockey who wishes he were a big man. He gets his wish, but not in the way he wanted.

Living Doll 11/1/63....Telly Savalas stars as a man whose cruel treatment of his stepdaughter doesn't sit well with her new doll. A classic and chilling episode.

The Old Man In The Cave 11/8/63....After a nuclear war, survivors take orders from a mysterious benefactor in a cave. James Coburn stars.

Uncle Simon 11/15/63....A cruel man is taken care of by his cruel Niece. She finally watches him die and is set to inherit his fortune, but there is a catch.

Probe 7, Over And Out 11/29/63....Richard Basehart stars as a man who crash lands on a strange planet an finds a woman is also stranded.

The 7th is made Up Of Phantoms 12/6/63....A trio of National Guardsmen find themselves fighting with Custer and the 7th cavalry. One of my personal favorites.

A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain 12/13/63....Patrick O' Neal stars as an aging man who is desperate to keep his young wife. This is one of the shows that was kept out of syndication for a very long time.

Ninety Years Without Slumbering 12/20/63....An old man believes that he will die if an old clock he looks after stops running.

Ring-A-Ding Girl 12/27/63....A young movie actress comes back to her home town where she is about to play the biggest role of her life.

You Drive 1/3/64... Edward Andrews stars as a man who hits and kills a boy on a bike and then is haunted by his car. Another classic episode.

The Long Morrow 1/10/64.... Robert Lansing stars as an astronaut who falls in love with a beautiful young woman shortly before he is to take a space journey that will last 40 years. Mariette Hartley co-stars. This is another personal favorite.

Self Improvement Of Salvadore Ross 1/17/64....A man will stop at nothing to win a young woman's love. He soon finds he has the ability to trade his youth for money and he soon gets more than he bargained for.

Number 12 Looks Just Like You 1/24/64....At a future time everyone who turns 19 must get an operation that makes them beautiful...and just like everyone else. A young woman rebels and wants her own identity.

Black Leather Jackets 1/31/64....Three tough looking men on motorcycles turn out to be aliens planning the destruction of the entire planet.

Night Call 2/7/64....An elderly woman receives calls from her long dead lover.

From Agnes With Love 2/14/64....A computer falls in love with a technician in this bizarre comedy. Wally Cox stars.

Spur Of The Moment 1/21/64....An aging woman tries desperately to catch up with her younger self and warn her not to make the same mistakes she did. An overlooked, but well made episode.

An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge 2/28/64.... A great French short subject about a hanged man who rope snaps and his desperate flight to get back to his home. A great twist ending.

Queen Of The Nile 3/6/64....An ageless movie actress has a deadly secret. Ann Blyth stars.

What's In The Box 3/13/64....A man sees his life and his secrets played out on his newly repaired TV.

The Masks 3/20/64....At Mardi Gras, a dying man makes his family wear masks with terrifying results.

I Am The Night, Color Me Black 3/27/64....On the day and man is to be hanged for killing a racist, a small town finds the skies are pitch black. Michael Constantine stars.

Sounds And Silences 4/3/64....John McGiver stars as a man who loves loud noises, but gets a rather rude awakening.

Caesar And Me 4/10/64....Jackie Cooper stars as a man whose life is taken over by a wooden dummy.

The Jeopardy Room 4/17/64.... Martin Landeau is a Soviet defector who has three hours to escape from a booby trapped room. A tense and well made show.

Stopover In A Quiet Town 4/24/64....A young couple wake up after a wild party and find themselves in a strange town where nothing is real and the only sound is a little girl laughing.

The Encounter 5/1/64....Neville Brand is a former WW2 vet who hires a young Japanese man to help him clean out his attic, and soon both are trying to kill each other. Another great, neglected episode.

Mr. Garrity And The Graves 5/8/64....A sham artist claims he can bring the dead back to life and the residents of the small western town he comes to pay him very good money not to bring them back. John Dehner stars.

The Brain Center At Whipples 5/15/64....A factory owner puts thousands of workers out of work when he automates his entire company, and it soon backfires on him. A very timely episode today.

Come Wander With Me 5/22/64....A singer journeys to the back woods to find a new song. He soon finds terror instead of music.

The Fear 5/29/64....A state trooper and a fearful young woman fight a huge alien menace. Hazel Court stars with Mark Richman.

The Bewitchin' Pool 6/19/64... Two children find a better life when the d dive into their family pool and come into another world for neglected children who are cared for by an elderly woman.

Thus ended a very successful show for it's creator, Rod Serling. No show ever entertained me more except "Kolchak Tghe Night Stalker".

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