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Monday, June 12, 2017


Action packed serial from Republic.

Ralph Byrd stars as Dick Tracy who is working for the FBI and fighting a crime ring run by a mysterious man known only as The Spider.

The Spider is a villain with a gimp foot that kills anyone who even questions his motives. He captures Tracy's brother and turns him into a mindless criminal with the help of his sidekick Moloch.

Every chapter finds Tracy and his men going up against some evil plot of the Spider and it is a lot of fun. There were four Tracy serials made and soon the other three will be reviewed here.

If you're a serial fan I cannot recommend this enough. Byrd is perfect in the role of Tracy and after the serials ended he starred in a short lived TV show as the heroic detective.

The print from VCI is damn near flawless and looks better than I have ever seen this before. Check it out. VCI has the entire Tracy serial collection available in one set for a great price.

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