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Friday, June 30, 2017


I hadn't seen this movie for many years, and it's not a bad adventure film with tinges of sci-fi thrown in.

Rod Cameron stars as a hunter in India who has his entire party wiped out by mysterious monsters in the jungle. He claims they are mammoths.

However, Indian Princess Mari (Marie Windsor) and her advisor (Caesar Romero) do not believe his story. An expedition is formed to find out the truth. Most of the movie is filled with the jungle adventures of the usual kind.

They battle tigers, snakes and other threats until the final 10 minutes when they happen upon a rampaging herd of giant Wolley Mammoths.

This Lippert production was shot in Sepia Tone and on location in India. The locations add to the flavor of the film, and if you like standard jungle adventure, then this is your cup of tea. The three leads work well together under the direction of William Berke.

VCI got a very good print of the film and I admit I liked the film even if it is a bit slow.

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