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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


One of my 10 favorite films of all time finally gets a Blu-ray release.

Peter Cushing stars as Brian Stanley, a college professor who along with a medical bone disease specialist named David West (Edward Judd) are summoned to a small island off of the coast of Ireland after a body is discovered there that contains no bones.

More deaths occur on the island and it is soon discovered that a noted scientist named Phillips was working on a cure for cancer, but instead has created a strain of bone sucking silicate monsters that prove to be quite indestructible. Shotguns, fire and dynamite are used, but to no avail.

The islanders as well as West, Stanley and West's girlfriend Toni Merrill (gorgeous Carole Gray) soon find themselves in a losing battle on the small island with the ever increasing silicate population. Finally a way is found to stop them, but is it too late?

The acting and story are both top notch and the direction by Terence Fisher is excellent as always. I was first introduced to this movie back in the mid 70's on KHQ TV from Spokane, WA. and never forgot it. It has remained a favorite ever since. There is nothing I don't like about this film from music to scenery...everything works.

This was released on VHS back in the 90's by Universal in an edited version and the only time I got to see it fully uncut was from airings on the Universal HD TV network. However, Scream Factory has taken care of this. The Cushing hand chopping scene is intact and the entire film looks better than I have ever seen it.

This is easily a top release for the year and I can only hope Shout will release the other film made by the same production company someday. It also stars Cushing as well as Christopher Lee and is entitled "Night Of The Burning Damned".

A Highly Recommended blu-ray for any horror fans collection!!!!

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