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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I hadn't seen this film noir gem in years.

I wrote a review of this film back in 2012 after seeing a print off of a Mill Creek set, and now I have seen a better print from VCI and it really helps the film.

Erich Von Stroheim is Flamarion, an expert trick shooter whose partners in the act are Connie (Mary Beth Hughes) and Al Wallace (Dan Duryea).

Al drinks a lot and Connie is a manipulative bitch out for her own gain at the expense of everyone else. Connie wants Al out of her life and she decides to use Flamarion to get the job done.

Stroheim is perfect in the role as a sap who will do anything for the love of a woman which he has not had in 15 years. Connie has Al shot by Flamarion, then runs off to join another man.

Directed by Anthony Mann, this is a perfect example of what film noir should be. There is no happy ending for anyone and the more the film runs, the darker it gets.

I always get the idea this film isn't as well known as it should be nor has it been seen by nearly enough people. This film is stolen by Mary Beth Hughes who captures exactly what a film noir "dame" is all about. She destroys the lives if three men in an attempt to better her life.

If you get a chance, I highly recommend you check this little gem out.

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