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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


One of my all time favorite made for TV films.

Teresa Graves stars as Christie Love, a beautiful undercover detective who is called in to track down a drug dealer and his suppliers.

Harry Guardino is Love's boss and he sends her to Miami to track down the drug lord's girlfriend. Christie gets far more than she bargained for, but she is a tough woman and can handle herself very well, as several people discover.

The gorgeous Teresa Graves gives a top notch performance here and the movie was so popular that is spawned a TV series that ran for one year before Graves gave it up in favor of religion.

She was gorgeous and 5'10" of stunning black beauty. When I first saw the film at the age of 11 I was enamored with Graves and I loved the TV show as well.

The Film Detective has done a very good job with this film and it looks better than any of the other versions I have seen. If you like sexy black women, good action and fast moving films, you'll want to see this. Recommended!!

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