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Sunday, June 25, 2017


Paul Naschy horror film featuring some interesting looking zombies.

Naschy has three roles in this film. He appears as Krisna, a mystic who preaches peace to his followers, Kantaka, the insane brother of Krisna who uses voodoo to bring back dead women and as Satan in a dream sequence.

Romy is Elvire Irving, a young woman who follows Krisna and believes in his words. Her life is soon turned upside down when her father is killed by Kantka's female zombie army.

Elvire goes to live with Krisna at his estate outside of London to try and recuperate. The terror follows her there as well, until the bizarre and somewhat unexpected ending. More on that later.

This to my knowledge is the only film I have ever seen Romy in, but the highlight for me is again the gorgeous Mirta Miller as Kala, the companion to Krisna. Sexy Maria Kosti appears at different stages thru the film as Elsie, and it is her role that brings about the twist ending.

My first introduction to this film was a VHS tape from Sinister Cinema back in the day. Now with this beautiful Blu-ray the film looks better than it ever has. The colors are bold and really stand out.

The female zombies in the film look exactly like the female zombies in the Andy Milligan film "Body Beneath". Another winner from the 5 disc set entitled "The Paul Naschy Collection".

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