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Saturday, June 24, 2017


This film, in my opinion is the Paul Naschy take on the Universal film "The Thing That Couldn't Die".

In Medieval France and evil warlock played by Naschy is beheaded for his crimes and his beautiful mistress (Helga Line) is killed as well.

Hundreds of years later his disembodied head is discovered on the very property where he died and before you know it, the severed head is starting to take control of people and have them kill others.

The head of Alaric de Marnac wants to reunited with it's body. Soon it is and he brings his mistress back to life as well. They spend their time drinking blood and eating the hearts of their victims until 7 moons have passed and they have all of their supernatural strength back.

It has been a long time since I saw this film, and thanks to Shout Factory and this Blu-ray release it looks better than ever. This is another Naschy gem featuring blood, guts, strange goings on and Helga Line nude! What more could you want?

The cast is rounded out by lovely Emma Cohen as Elvira (there is always a woman named Elvira in these kinds of films) and Vic Winner. Again, this is part of the "Paul Naschy Collection" 5 disc set from Shout Factory. All of the films have been top notch so far and a MUST for Naschy fans.

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