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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Yes, I have reviewed this movie twice before, but finally have the definitive version from Mondo Macabro.

Paul Naschy directed and stars in this Spanish horror gem as a witch hunter who comes to a small village with his two companions to seek out witches and destroy them. Most of the area around them has been devastated with plague. The time is 16th century France.

Bernard de Fossey (Naschy) immediately starts seeking witches but his heart is captured by a beautiful woman who is the daughter of a dignitary. Catherine is her name and she is going to marry a local man whom Fossey has killed so he can have her.

Catherine is obsessed with finding her lover's killer that she aligns with Satan and discovers that it was Fossey behind the crime.

In the meantime Fossey and his helpers are torturing women on racks, whipping them and pulling off nipples in order to get confessions. Catherine has a special fate in store for Fossey and that is to burn at the stake.

I have seen many different versions of this film of varying quality and up until now the very best came from Sinister Cinema, but Mondo Macabro has changed all of that with this simply gorgeous Blu-ray.

The disc has an introduction by the late, great Naschy, new English subtitles, an interview with Daniela Giorano who plays Catherine, and a documentary on Spanish horror entitled Blood And Sand which is very good.

Now I wish someone would do a documentary of Spanish horror actresses!! Anyhow, I cannot recommend this Blu-ray enough. Naschy fans should not miss this one.

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