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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Jerry Warren patchwork film.

I reviewed this film last year on a bootleg and now it has finally been given an official release from VCI on "The Jerry Warren Collection Vol. 2".

The main part of the Mexican horror film doesn't look too bad. It concerns a mad scientist who is executed for his crimes and then his ancestor comes to the old house, finds the body, revives the long dead scientist who then begins another reign of terror.

Warren should have left this film alone, but he chose to add new scenes featuring Katherine Victor, Bruno VeSota, Chuck Niles, Lloyd Nelson and lovely Barbara Wilson.

I still believe I might be the only one who bought this and Vol. 1, but they are simply "have to have" items for people like me. Anyway, the film isn't too bad and maybe someday the original will turn up and we will all get a chance to see another unique Mexican horror film. The print quality isn't bad.

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