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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Tense and well made film noir.

Dick Powell stars as a insurance salesman who has grown tired of his 9 to 5 routine and wants to find something different. Things get much better, or so he thinks, when he pays a visit to a femme fatal named Mona in order to collect gifts she got from her boyfriend who stole money to get them.

He falls for her in a hard way an the two have an affair. Mona is played by gorgeous Lizabeth Scott and it's easy to understand why Powell would fall for her.Powell's character, John Forbes in a married man with a child and he jeopardizes everything for the other woman. Jane Wyatt is his wife Sue and Jimmy Hunt is their son, Tommy.

This ill fated affair is complicated even more when insurance investigator J.B. McDonald, played by Raymond Burr decides he wants Mona for himself. Burr's character comes off as one of the most evil and cruel men in film noir, and Burr was excellent at playing those kinds of roles.

Andre de Toth directed this dark and moody film which really packs a punch. Nobody comes out good in this film, but that is what makes Film Noir so good. I am glad all of these kinds of films are seeing the light of day on DVD, and I am still waiting for "Devil Thumbs A Ride".

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